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Injectable is a convenient code generator for get_it. Inspired by Angular DI, Guice DI and inject.dart.

ChangeLog #

[1.2.0] #

  • Push nullSafety version to the main section
  • Fix sorting by dependents ignores named instances

[1.2.0-nullsafety] #

  • add null safety support

[1.1.2] #

  • Add support for disposing of singletons.
  • change min version constraint of GetIt to 5.0.0
  • update readme file

[1.1.0] #

  • Refactor code to support null-safety
  • Fix preResolved instances conditional registration
  • Add option to generate null-safety compatible code to injectableInit

[1.0.7] #

  • Fix pre-resolved primitives naming issue #161
  • Fix some types in readme file
  • Fix environments is already registered issue.

[1.0.5] #

  • Add support for get_it ^5.0
  • Fix analyzer compatibility issues

[1.0.4] #

  • Add option to customize the initilizer function name
  • Add option to generate the initilizer function as an extension
  • Change initializer functions returns the passed get_it instance instead of void
  • Add Advanced environment filter that can be extended and customized
  • Fix Injectable generator not handling multiple instances of generic types #107

[1.0.2] #

  • Add option to not prefer relative imports in @InjectableInit

[1.0.0+1] #

  • Fix some analysis warnings for pub points

[1.0.0] Breaking Change #

  • Add support for multi environments (annotation & inlined)
  • Add generation-time check for duplicate dependencies under the same environment
  • Fix 3rd party imports from src instead of library file issue
  • Change generated file extension to .config.dart
  • Change generated file applies to most of effective dart rules including preferring relative imports
  • Clean up some code

[0.4.0+1] #

  • Update README file
  • Add some comments

[0.4.0] Breaking Changes! #

  • Change Methods inside of register modules are treated as factory methods now, so all params are considered injected params unless annotated with @factoryParam.
  • Change registerModule is now replaced with @module
  • Change RegisterAs(Type) Annotation is now replaced with @Injectable(as:Type)
  • Change Singleton.Lazy() is replaced with @LazySingleton()
  • Add generateForDir property to @InjectableInt to specify what directories to generate for.
  • Fix imports issue when working with bin directory

[0.3.0] Breaking Changes! #

  • add support for GetIt 4.0.0
  • fix generic types are registered as dynamic
  • fix unresolved future when registering asynchronous dependencies
  • change asynchronous dependencies will be registered using async factory unless annotated with @preResolve

[0.2.3] #

  • improve support for custom initializers
  • fix src import issue

[0.2.2] #

  • remove flutter dependency
  • add support for custom initializers in register Modules
  • minor fixes

[0.2.1] #

  • fix typo in @Environment annotation

[0.2.0] Breaking Changes! #

  • You now need to pass in your getIt instance to @initGetIt() func
  • Rename @Bind to @RegisterAs to avoid confusion because, now we're annotating the implementation not the abstract.
  • Add @factoryMethod annotation to mark named factories and static create methods.
  • Add @registerModule annotation to support registering third party types.
  • Fix eager singletons are registered before their dependencies.

[0.1.0] #

  • initial release
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Injectable is a convenient code generator for get_it. Inspired by Angular DI, Guice DI and inject.dart.

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