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Automatically organize your dart imports

import_path_converter #

A flutter utility to automatically convert relative ⇔ absolute path.

Forked/Inspired by @gleich's import_sorter.

Below is an example:

Before #

import 'common/constants.dart' ;
import '../app.dart';

After #

import 'package:example/common/constants.dart';
import 'package:example/app.dart';

Installing #

Run this command:

flutter pub add --dev import_path_converter

This will add a line like this to dev_dependencies in your pubspec.yaml.

  import_path_converter: ^1.0.0

Running #

Once you've installed it simply run flutter pub run import_path_converter:main (pub run import_path_converter:main if normal dart application) to format every file dart file in your lib, bin, test, and tests folder!

Command Line #

  • If you're using a config in the pubspec.yaml you can have the program ignore it by adding --ignore-config.
  • Want to make sure your files are converted? Add --exit-if-changed to make sure the files are converted. Good for things like CI.
  • Add the -h flag if you need any help from the command line!
  • You can only run import_path_converter on certain files by passing in a regular expression(s) that will only convert paths in certain files. Below are two examples:
    • pub run import_path_converter:main bin/main.dart lib/args.dart (only convert paths in bin/main.dart and lib/args.dart)
    • pub run import_path_converter:main lib\/* test\/* (only convert paths in the lib and test folders)

Config #

Below is an example of pubspec.yaml.

  relative: true # Select relative path import or package import(default: false)
  ignored_files: # Add files to ignore(default: [])
    - \/lib\/*
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Automatically organize your dart imports


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