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Edit your image data and output to file/memory on Android and iOS.

Flutter Image Editor Platform Interface #

The Flutter Image Editor Platform Interface is a platform interface for the Flutter Image Editor plugin.

It is not recommended to use this library directly

The main pacakge, please add image_editor to your pubspec.yaml file.

This interface allows platform-specific implementations of the image_editor plugin, as well as the plugin itself, to ensure they are supporting the same interface.

Support platforms #

Now, the plugin supports the following platforms: - Android - iOS - macOS

Welcome to contribute other platforms.

Implementing the interface #

To implement the interface, extend ImageEditorPlatform with an implementation that performs the platform-specific behavior, and when you register your plugin, set the default ImageEditorPlatform by calling ImageEditorPlatform.instance = MyPlatformImageEditor().

Such as:

import 'dart:io';
import 'dart:typed_data';

import 'package:image_editor_platform_interface/image_editor_platform_interface.dart';

class MyImageEditor extends ImageEditorPlatform {
  static void registerWith() {
    ImageEditorPlatform.instance = MyImageEditor();

  // ... other methods

To see an whole example of how the interface is implemented, see the image_editor_common