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Flutter plugin that downloads images on the Internet and saves them on device.

0.13.0 #

  • Returned as code of PlatformException in case of Http Status Code error.(e.g. 404)
  • Delete remaining files in case of errors on Android.

0.12.1 #

  • Fix to returns when not been granted permission on Android.
  • Fix Kotlin's warning.

0.12.0 #

  • Be able to specify the destination in external storage on Android.

0.11.2+1 #

  • Update Document.

0.11.2 #

  • Bump Swift Version to 4.2.

0.11.1 #

  • Fixed bug that does't work when using another Plugin using onRequestPermissionsResult.

0.11.0 #

  • Breaking change. Changed the return value from bool to imageId. You can acquire saved image information by using imageId.
  • Added findName, findPath, findByteSize, findMimeType.

0.10.0 #

  • Breaking change. Migrate from the deprecated original Android Support Library to AndroidX. This shouldn't result in any functional changes, but it requires any Android apps using this plugin to also migrate if they're using the original support library.

0.9.2 #

  • fix broken link of sample image.

0.9.1 #

  • Fix warnings of Dart Analysis.
  • Describe some documents.
  • Update ImageDownloder to private constructor.

0.9.0 #

  • initial public release.
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Flutter plugin that downloads images on the Internet and saves them on device.

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