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.ilp file codec.

Image Layers Package(.ilp) file codec #

Features #

This package is the .ilp file codec.

Work flows #

  1. Use the Photoshop plugin to export the config.json and some images files.
  2. Use ILP encoder encode the config.json to .ilp file.
  3. Use ILP decoder decode the .ilp file to data.

The .ilp file structure #

Part Range Length Bytes Content Gzip Desc
A 0 ~ 3 4 [0x49, 0x4c, 0x50, 0x21] Fixed file strings.
convert to utf8 is: ILP!
B 4 ~ 7 4 int32 value Protobuf ILPHeader bytes length
C 8 ~ 8+C Part B int value Protobuf ILPHeader bytes Check out protobuf
D 8+C+1 ~ dynamic dynamic Protobuf ILPInfo(List) bytes Check out protobuf
E dynamic ~ end dynamic Protobuf ILPLayer(List) bytes Check out protobuf

Usage #

Check out the test/ilp_codec_test.dart file.

Exception Codes #

Entity Code Content
ILP ilp_file_not_exists ilp file not exists
ilp_file_parse_error decoder can't parse the ilp file content
ILPInfoConfig info_file_not_exists info config file not exists
info_file_not_string_file info config file not a string file
info_file_parse_error info file content can not parse to json data
info_missing_width missing the width field
info_missing_height missing the height field
info_missing_cover missing the cover field
info_cover_not_exists cover file not exists
info_missing_layers missing the layers field
ILPLayerConfig layer_no_file when get the layer group id will throw this exception
layer_missing_width missing the width field
layer_missing_height missing the height field
layer_missing_x missing the x field
layer_missing_y missing the y field
layer_missing_file missing the file field
layer_file_not_exists layer file not exists

Before run the test #

  • Requirement: Open test.psd and use the Photoshop plugin export the files to the test folder.

  • Optional: Run the command to generate protobuf dart side code:

    cd ./ilp_codec
    protoc -I .\protobuf --dart_out=.\lib\protobuf .\protobuf\*.proto

License #