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idkit is a package that makes it easier for developers to develop projects, and contains a variety of functions and components.

0.0.1 #

This version is mainly to format the time.

  1. There are a variety of styles to choose from, and the display form canalso be customized.
  2. Friendly way to handle the specified time.
  3. Get the day of the week for the specified time.
  4. Add internationalization.

0.0.2 #

Solve the 0.0.1 version code analysis problem.

0.0.3 #

Solve the 0.0.2 version code analysis problem.

0.0.4 #

  1. Thousands of money formatting.
  2. Gap between widgets Convenience widget.

0.0.5 #

  1. Hexadecimal strings are directly converted to colors.
  2. Mobile phone number, bank card number, ID number desensitization and mobile phone number, bank card number formatting.

0.0.6 #

  1. Fix known issues.

0.0.7 #

  1. Add annotation to IDKitChoice widget.
  2. Added the ability to quickly add margins to common widgets.

0.0.8 #

  1. Add whether IDKitChoice can be completely canceled setting property.
  2. Add IDKitMultiFingerRecognizer finger number recognition widget.

0.0.9 #

  1. Add gesture recognition components to avoid multiple calls of system gestures.
  2. Optimize the implementation of component finger count recognition.

0.1.0 #

  1. Competitive timing for adding pinch gestures.
  2. Add callback methods for pressure-sensitive start, update, and end.

0.1.1 #

Update gesture monitoring and integrate pressure value and touch device type.

0.1.2 #

Fix logging of pressure types and setting pressure max and min values

0.1.3 #

extension of num, keep a value within a set range

0.1.4 #

Fix the problem that the initial point is missing when sliding.

0.1.5 #

Fix the abnormal problem of single point pressure value.

0.1.6 #

Fix the abnormal problem of single point pressure value.

0.1.7 #

Fix the abnormal problem of single point pressure value.

0.1.8 #

  1. Expand the number collection to support obtaining the average value, maximum value, and minimum value.
  2. Upgrade the IDKitChoice component, conveniently build widgets and data input and selection.

0.1.9 #

  1. Text style color opacity modification.
  2. With index value when traversing collection.

0.2.0 #

  1. Fix the problem of wrong judgment of numeric type.
  2. Extend the last element and the first element judgment method for the collection.

0.2.1 #

  1. Numeric conversion exception handling.
  2. Updated gesture handling to use new version.

0.2.2 #

  1. Optimize gesture processing rules.
  2. Redefine the class that loses points before drawing - PrePoint.

0.2.3 #

  1. Fix generic check error.

0.2.4 #

  1. Fix the problem that the finger quickly swipe the touch point inaccurately.

0.2.5 #

  1. Add a customizable sliding widget IDKitSlider , which includes one-way sliding mode (IDKitSlider.slider), two-way sliding mode (IDKitSlider.bilateeralSlider) and range sliding mode (IDKitSlider.rangeSlider).
  2. Add a one-way sliding track, which can highly customize the display style, such as: track gradient, etc.
  3. Add a two-way sliding track, which can highly customize the display style, such as: track gradient, etc.
  4. Increase the range of sliding tracks, which can be highly customized display styles, such as: track gradients, etc.

0.2.6 #

  1. Modify the creation method of IDKitSlider's bilateral track.
  2. Add UIImage direct loading widget IDKitImage widget, which contains various methods for directly loading images.

0.2.7 #

  1. Fixed the problem of failure to obtain the size of the image when loading.

0.2.8 #

  1. Fix the single-point pressure-free problem of gestures.
  2. Add log management function.

0.2.9 #

Upgrade the project log management tool, including log output theme color, log output style, log output decorator, log output separator decorator, and Chinese and English support.

0.3.0 #

Fix log issue.

0.3.1 #

  1. Increase the extension of Flutter's Image image class.
  2. Added image or text watermark function for Flutter's Image image.
  3. Add the function of removing the background color of Flutter's Image image.
  4. Added the function of obtaining the real content size of Flutter's Image image.
  5. Added the function of obtaining real content images for Flutter's Image images.
  6. Increase the size and zoom function of Flutter's Image image.

0.3.2 #

Fix watermark issue.

0.3.3 #

Carry out image extension color like color algorithm optimization.

0.3.4 #

  1. Select the component to add the judgment of whether the operation can continue.
  2. Modify the loading when the image is loaded
  3. Modify the abnormal problem of the floating mark of the sliding component.

0.3.5 #

  1. Shallow copy, medium copy, deep copy extension for collections.
  2. Add support for LAB color space.
  3. Added calculation method for color difference.
  4. Increase the quality of the conversion of the image.
  5. Increase the direct conversion of elements of UInt32List to colors.

0.3.6 #

  1. Sequential code for optimized ifor.
  2. Enhanced multi-finger judgment logic.

0.3.7 #

  1. Gesture distinguishes between stylus and finger's ultra-fast clicks, judged to be the same issue.

0.3.8 #

  1. Added image flood processing method.
  2. Added RGB color conversion to uint32 value.

0.3.9 #

  1. Increase the animation control property of the thumb block of the slider.
  2. Fix the problem that the slider is constrained to change when the view size is changed.
  3. When the slider is hot started, the parameters also change accordingly, but if the initial value changes, the slider will reset the initial value to start the initial view.

0.4.0 #

  1. Add a callback for all cancel events of selected components.
  2. Optimize the single selection of the selection component, and the selection will not trigger the event callback.
  3. The new string is quickly converted to a list.

0.4.1 #

  1. Judgment that the upgrade object is Null.
  2. Added new methods for determining whether a variable string is Null and whether its length is zero.
  3. Add Sliver type filling block.
  4. Add repository and issue_tracker to the pubspec.yaml file.
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idkit is a package that makes it easier for developers to develop projects, and contains a variety of functions and components.

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