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indexed_db dart base interface with implementation for native (browser), file (io) and in memory.

idb shim #

Pure dart indexed db like API on top of native, sembast implementation. Its goal is to support browsers that do not support the indexed_db api with very few changes as well as setting the base for a flutter implementation.

It also allows to test your database schema and access in vm unit tests.

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Usage example:

Usage #

Assume you have the existing:

import 'dart:indexed_db';, version: xxx, onUpgradeNeeded: yyy);

This can be replaced by:

import 'package:idb_shim/idb_browser.dart'
IdbFactory idbFactory = getIdbFactory();, version: xxx, onUpgradeNeeded: yyy);

All other existing code remains unchanged. Simple example below:

// define the store name
const String storeName = "records";

// open the database
Database db = await"my_records.db", version: 1,
    onUpgradeNeeded: (VersionChangeEvent event) {
  Database db = event.database;
  // create the store
  db.createObjectStore(storeName, autoIncrement: true);

// put some data
var txn = db.transaction(storeName, "readwrite");
var store = txn.objectStore(storeName);
var key = await store.put({"some": "data"});
await txn.completed;

// read some data
txn = db.transaction(storeName, "readonly");
store = txn.objectStore(storeName);
Map value = await store.getObject(key);
await txn.completed;

Example #

Simple notepad available here running on Flutter (iOS/Android/Web).

Flutter support #

While idb_shim over sembast is a solution on Flutter, there is an implementation idb_sqflite based on sqflite for mobile (iOS and Android)

Testing #

Testing with dartdevc

pub serve test --web-compiler=dartdevc --port=8079
pub run test -p chrome --pub-serve=8079

Known limitations/issues #

Memory/Io implementation

  • For autoincrement, if key is set, it cannot be set as a different type than int
  • Nextunique and prevunique not supported (for now)
  • No support for Cursor.source
  • No generic support for blocked. It is always possible to upgrade the database, however other tabs will get blocked in their future calls
  • Index.get: only by key is supported (no range yet)
Type of data

Supported types:

  • Stuff that can be JSON serialized/deserialized (num, String, bool, null, List & Map)
  • DateTime is supported as of 1.11
  • Uint8List is supported as of 1.11
  • null is no longer supported as a document value (although map field can be null though).


  • Cyclic dependecy are not supported (per JSON serialization)
  • Large float are not converted to int (native indexeddb implementation does this)
  • Don't create an index on boolean value. IndexedDB does not support that, however sembast implementation allows it (this could change). This will only be prevented in debug.
Type of key
  • String and num (int or double) are supported for keys

Native exception

  • Native exception type have no match in dart so a custom DatabaseError object is created to wrap the exception

Ie limitation #

IE 11, Edge 12 has the following limitations:

  • no support for reading objectStore.autoIncrement properties
  • ObjectStore.count() without argument throw a 'DataError' exception...better avoid count() on IE...
  • it seems ie close the transaction 'sooner' then chrome/firefox, i.e. calling an sync function that wrap an idb calls makes the transaction terminate
  • IDBIndex.multiEntry not supported on ie

Safari limitation #

Safari has the following limitations (as of v 9.0)

  • no support for transactions on multiple stores
  • very short transaction life cycle (no await on sdk 1.12)
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indexed_db dart base interface with implementation for native (browser), file (io) and in memory.

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