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Use this package to animate between two static Icons and get an Animated Icon.

Icons Animate

This is a Flutter package to make a custom AnimatedIcon from two Icons.
This package is born to make AnimatedIcons easily available for any Icon and not only the few default ones

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Features #

Here are some examples of animated icons.

Note that you can provide any Icon that is of type IconData to the animator

example gif

You can see an example of some icons being animated in the Sample Project

Getting started #

To install the package just do:

flutter pub add icons_animate
flutter pub get

OR add the dependency manually to your pubspec.yaml file:

  icons_animate: ^0.0.2

Then depend on it in your class:

import 'package:icons_animate/icons_animate.dart';

Usage #

Here is a simple implementation:

    startIcon: Icons.add_circle,
    endIcon: Icons.add_circle_outline,
    size: 100.0,
    controller: controller,
    startTooltip: 'Icons.add_circle',
    endTooltip: 'Icons.add_circle_outline',
    // add this for splashColor, default is Colors.transparent means no click effect
    splashColor: Colors.blueAccent.shade100.withAlpha(50),
    // add this to specify a custom splashRadius
    // default is Material.defaultSplashRadius (35)
    splashRadius: 24,
    onStartIconPress: () {
        print("Clicked on Add Icon");
        return true;
    onEndIconPress: () {
        print("Clicked on Close Icon");
        return true;
    duration: Duration(milliseconds: 500),
    startIconColor: Colors.deepPurple,
    endIconColor: Colors.deepOrange,
    clockwise: false,

See Example Code for more info.

Issues & Feedback #

Please file an issue to send feedback or report a bug, If you want to ask a question or suggest an idea then you can open an discussion. Thank you!

Contributing #

Every PR is welcome.

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Use this package to animate between two static Icons and get an Animated Icon.

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