i18next 0.5.2
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A localization formatter based on the i18next standard. It is not yet a fully i18n tool only the formatting itself.

[0.5.2] #

  • Fix: Unnecessary reloads of the localizationDataSource

[0.5.1] #

  • Fix: Asset path (rely on Flutter asset specifications)

[0.5.0] #

  • Adds support for multiple fallback namespaces

[0.4.1] #

  • Officializes the null-safety migration

[0.4.0-nullsafety.0] #

  • Migrates the codebase to flutter stable 2.0.3 + null-safety Renames I18NextOptions.apply -> merge

[0.3.1] #

  • Renames utils.dart -> definitions.dart
  • Adds and moves evaluate to lib/utils.dart as a part of the package, but without explicitly exporting it.
  • Allows interpolations to access grouped variables like so: 'An example with {{grouped.key}}' + {'grouped': {'key': 'grouped keys'}} = 'An example with grouped keys'
  • Moves lib/src/interpolator.dart to lib/interpolator.dart To allow the interpolator usage as a separate package import

[0.3.0] #

  • Bumps to flutter stable 1.20

[0.2.0] #

  • Updates README bitrise badge
  • Adds pluralization to non-english locales (Fixes #6) @lynn

[0.1.0] #

  • Bumps to match flutter version 1.17

[0.0.1+8] #

  • Bumps analysis options #9
  • Adds fallback namespace #10
  • Refactors Translator to a callable class #10
  • Refactors interpolator class to global pure functions #10

[0.0.1+7] #

  • Change the namespaces type from Map<String, Map<String, Object>> -> Map<String, Object>
  • Adds I18Next.of(BuildContext) from Localizations
  • Adds I18NextLocalizationDelegate
  • Adds convenience methods to ResourceStore for adding, removing, and verifiying locales and namespaces
  • Adds asset bundle data source and the LocalizationDataSource interface
  • Changes links to nubank/i18next
  • Adds example app

[0.0.1+6] #

  • Migrated repository to williamhjcho/i18next
  • Reduce description size

[0.0.1+5] #

  • Adds plural separator in I18NextOptions
  • Adds key separator in I18NextOptions
  • Adds and replaces LocalizationDataSource for ResourceStore
  • Makes I18Next.t's parameters supersede the options parameter
  • Removes Map extension from I18NextOptions
  • Makes I18NextOptions Diagnosticable
  • Improves and adds more cases on Interpolator

[0.0.1+4] #

  • Renames arguments to variables
  • Replaces InterpolationOptions for I18NextOptions
  • Updates I18Next inner workings to more contextualized methods.
  • Escapes interpolation strings in options for RegExp
  • Adds base nesting mechanism
  • Isolates Translator, PluralResolver, and Interpolator into separate classes
  • Makes I18NextOptions's properties optional and allows individual overrides
  • Makes I18NextOption conform to Map<String, Object>
  • Reduces API surface by merging most of the optional properties into I18NextOptions itself
  • Moves pattern builders from options to the classes themselves
  • Keeps property variables in I18NextOptions while keeping Map extension.
  • Adds/merges locale property in I18NextOptions

[0.0.1+3] #

  • Adds InterpolationOption
  • Allows locale and interpolation options override on t
  • Adds a little more documentation


  • Splits data fetching and translation into separate methods

[0.0.1] - TODO: Add release date. #

  • TODO: Describe initial release.
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A localization formatter based on the i18next standard. It is not yet a fully i18n tool only the formatting itself.

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