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Draw a semi-circle assembly representation.

The purpose of this Flutter package is to draw a full-width (embed in Container to resize) representation of a semi-circle assembly... The number of dots is up to you, by default 577 as for the French National Assembly.

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DrawHemicycle groupes parlementaires France 2022 DrawHemicycle législatives France 2022

Features #

You can change the number of seats, the arc of the circle (by default, 170°) and, with the specific type of inputs, you can display individual voters or sectors for group appearance...

Getting started #

Add this in your pubspec.yaml :

            git: https://github.com/1278real/hemicycle

Usage #

Create a List<GroupSectors> containing every sectors you want to draw. Then use DrawHemicycle to get the semi-circle assembly representation.

class _HemicycleState extends State<Hemicycle> {
    int numberTest = 0;
    int resteTest = 0;

    List<GroupSectors> hemicycleTest = [
        GroupSectors(numberTest, customVert, description: "BEFORE"),
        GroupSectors(1, customRouge, description: "NEW"),
        GroupSectors(resteTest, customMiddleGrey1278, description: "AFTER")

    List<IndividualVotes> votesTest = [
      IndividualVotes(33, voteResult: true, groupPairing: "AAA"),
      IndividualVotes(34, voteResult: true, groupPairing: "AAA"),
      IndividualVotes(35, voteResult: false, groupPairing: "AAA"),
      IndividualVotes(36, voteResult: true, groupPairing: "AAA"),
      IndividualVotes(37, voteResult: false, groupPairing: "AAA"),
      IndividualVotes(88, voteResult: true, groupPairing: "MMM"),
      IndividualVotes(89, voteResult: false, groupPairing: "MMM"),
      IndividualVotes(90, voteResult: false, groupPairing: "MMM"),
      IndividualVotes(122, voteResult: false, groupPairing: "ZZZ"),
      IndividualVotes(123, voteResult: false, groupPairing: "ZZZ"),
      IndividualVotes(124, voteResult: true, groupPairing: "ZZZ"),
      IndividualVotes(126, voteResult: true, groupPairing: "ZZZ"),

    void initState() {
        numberTest = 1;
        resteTest = 577 - numberTest - 1;

    void updateAndRefresh() async {
        Future.delayed(Duration(milliseconds: 100), (() {
            setState(() {
                datasUpdated = true;

    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
        return Scaffold(
        body: Column(
            children: <Widget>[
            if (datasUpdated)
                DrawHemicycle(200, nbRows: 8, individualVotes: votesTest, withLegend: true),
            if (datasUpdated)
                    resteTest + numberTest + 1,
                    nbRows: ((resteTest + numberTest + 1) / 50).ceil(),
                    groupSectors: hemicycleTest,
                    withLegend: true,
                    withTitle: true,
                    title: "TEST",
                    onPressed: () {
                    setState(() {
                        numberTest += 1;
                        datasUpdated = false;
                        Text(("PLUS UN... (" + numberTest.toString() + ")"))),
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Example group sectors Example individual votes

Additional information #

Further infos soon ;-)