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Hashdown is an file/text-to-text encoding scheme designed for safe and compact data sharing

Hashdown is an online tool to convert text into a format that's easier and safer for sharing

editor url: https://hashdown.github.io/edit.html

Hashdown supports 5 different encoding methods

EncodingFeatureSample Output
Braillnaryoutput binary dots⡯⡯⡯⠺⡢⡣⡣⡤⡳⡣⡭⡭⠺⡩⡻⡳
Linkdirectly open the decoded resulthttps://hashdown.github.io/#GMgIv-_0GTC7iTBH4gyek93I
Base2e15minimal output characters炅땯腖귻㟫䩍븀묓歊
ShadowCodeHide ContentEncoded data‌​‍​‌ is invisible

It supports 5 different encoding modes

Braillnary #

Braillnary means braille binary, it converts string to binary and shows it in the form of braille code

Encode Table


Hashdown link convert text into url hash, so you can open the link directly without the extra step to open a decoder

Example: https://hashdown.github.io/#SGFzaERvd24gTGluayBpcyBBd2Vzb21l

  • The encoding and decoding are 100% done in client side javascript, our server never know your text. the url hash (what's after #) is never sent to the network.
  • When the server is down, you can still decode the content from the url if you can find any Hashdown mirror site or an offline version of Hashdown tool.
  • You can also use a password to protect your content.

Base2e15 #

Base2e15 convert text to unicode characters, each unicode character represents 15 bits of data.

Since Hashdown supports compression, it allows you to store more data in limited number of characters

Tadpole Code #

Tadpole Code convert text to unicode combining characters, which is able to combine everything into "single" character.

Shadow Code #

Shadow Code convert text to ASCII control code, which is invisible in most browsers.

Wrap the input data with {} to hide part of the text, otherwise all text will be converted to Shadow Code

with{}Hello{Hidden Text} WorldHello‍‍​‌​‍‌​​‍‌​‍​ World
without{}Hide All>‍‍​‌‍‍​‌​‌​​<

When all text are hidden, >< is added to make it easier to copy paste.

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Hashdown is an file/text-to-text encoding scheme designed for safe and compact data sharing


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