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File Picker #

A package that allows you to use a native file explorer to pick single or multiple absolute file paths, with extensions filtering support.

Currently supported features #

  • Load paths from cloud files (GDrive, Dropbox, iCloud)
  • Load path from a custom format by providing a list of file extensions (pdf, svg, zip, etc.)
  • Load path from multiple files optionally, supplying file extensions
  • Load path from media (video & image only)
  • Load path from audio only
  • Load path from image only
  • Load path from video only
  • Load path from any
  • Create a File or List<File> objects from any selected file(s)
  • Supports desktop through go-flutter (MacOS, Windows, Linux)

If you have any feature that you want to see in this package, please add it here. 🎉

Documentation #

See the File Picker Wiki for every detail on about how to install, setup and use it.

  1. Installation
  2. Setup
  3. API
  4. Example App
  5. Troubleshooting

Usage #

Quick simple usage example:

Single file

File file = await FilePicker.getFile();

Multiple files

List<File> files = await FilePicker.getMultiFile();

Multiple files with extension filter

 List<File> files = await FilePicker.getMultiFile(
          type: FileType.custom,
          allowedExtensions: ['jpg', 'pdf', 'doc'],

For full usage details refer to the Wiki above.

Example App #

Demo DemoMultiFilters

Getting Started #

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation.

For help on editing plugin code, view the documentation.