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Dart implementation of gRPC, a high performance, open-source universal RPC framework.

3.1.0 #

  • Expose a stream for connection state changes on ClientChannel to address #428. This allows users to react to state changes in the connection.
  • Fix #576: set default :authority value for UDS connections to localhost instead of using UDS path. Using path triggers checks in HTTP2 servers which attempt to validate :authority value.

3.0.2 #

  • Fix compilation on the Web with DDC.

3.0.1 #

  • Require package:googleapis_auth ^1.1.0
  • Fix issues #421 and #458. Validate responses according to gRPC/gRPC-Web protocol specifications: require 200 HTTP status and a supported Content-Type header to be present, as well as grpc-status: 0 header. When handling malformed responses make effort to translate HTTP statuses into gRPC statuses.
  • Add GrpcOrGrpcWebClientChannel which uses gRPC on all platforms except web, on which it uses gRPC-web.
  • GrpcError now exposes response trailers via GrpcError.trailers.

3.0.0 #

  • Migrate library and tests to null safety.
  • Require Dart 2.12 or greater.

2.9.0 #

  • Added support for compression/decompression, which can be configured through ChannelOptions constructor's codecRegistry parameter or adding the grpc-accept-encoding to metadata parameter of CallOptions on the client side and codecRegistry parameter to Server on the server side. Outgoing rpc can be compressed using the compression parameter on the CallOptions.
  • Fix issue #206. Prevent an exception to be thrown when a web connection stream is closed.
  • Add XHR raw response to the GrpcError for a better debugging (PR #423).

Note: this is the last release supporting SDK < 2.12. Next release will be nullsafe and thus require SDK >= 2.12.

2.8.0 #

  • Added support for client interceptors, which can be configured through Client constructor's interceptors parameter. Interceptors will be executed by Client.$createStreamingCall and Client.$createUnaryCall. Using interceptors requires regenerating client stubs using version 19.2.0 or newer of protobuf compiler plugin.
  • Client.$createCall is deprecated because it does not invoke client interceptors.
  • Fix issue #380 causing incorrect duplicated headers in gRPC-Web requests.
  • Change minimum required Dart SDK to 2.8 to enable access to Unix domain sockets.
  • Add support for Unix domain sockets in Socket.serve and ClientChannel.
  • Fix issue #331 causing an exception in GrpcWebClientChannel.terminate().

2.7.0 #

  • Added decoding/parsing of grpc-status-details-bin to pass all response exception details to the GrpcError thrown in Dart, via #349.
  • Dart SDK constraint is bumped to >=2.3.0 <3.0.0 due to language version in the generated protobuf code.

2.6.0 #

  • Create gRPC servers and clients with [Server|Client]TransportConnection. This allows callers to provide their own transport configuration, such as their own implementation of streams and sinks instead of sockets.

2.5.0 #

  • Expose a validateClient method for server credentials so gRPC server users may know when clients are loopback addresses.

2.4.1 #

  • Plumb stacktraces through request / response stream error handlers.
  • Catch and forward any errors decoding the response.

2.4.0 #

  • Add the ability to bypass CORS preflight requests.

2.3.0 #

  • Revert PR #287, which allowed using gRPC-web in native environments but also broke streaming.

2.2.0+1 #

  • Relax crypto version dependency constraint from ^2.1.5 to ^2.1.4.

2.2.0 #

  • Added applicationDefaultCredentialsAuthenticator function for creating an authenticator using Application Default Credentials.
  • Less latency by using the tcpNoDelay option for sockets.
  • Support grpc-web in a non-web setting.

2.1.3 #

  • Fix bug in grpc-web when receiving an empty trailer.
  • Fix a state bug in the server.

2.1.2 #

  • Fix bug introduced in 2.1.1 where the port would be added to the default authority when making a secure connection.

2.1.1 #

  • Fix bug introduced in 2.1.0 where an explicit authority would not be used when making a secure connection.

2.1.0 #

  • Do a health check of the http2-connection before making request.
  • Introduce ChannelOptions.connectionLimit the longest time a single connection is used for new requests.
  • Use Tcp.nodelay to improve client call speed.
  • Use SecureSocket supportedProtocols to save a round trip when establishing a secure connection.
  • Allow passing http2 ServerSettings to Server.serve.

2.0.3 #

  • GrpcError now implements Exception to indicate it can be reasonably handled.

2.0.2 #

  • Fix computation of the audience given to metadata providers to include the scheme.

2.0.1 #

  • Fix computation of authority. This should fix authorization.

2.0.0+1 #

  • Fix imports to ensure grpc_web.dart has no accidental transitive dependencies on dart:io.

2.0.0 #

  • Add initial support for grpc-web. See example/grpc-web for an example of this working.
  • Breaking: grpc.dart no longer exposes ClientConnection. It was supposed to be an internal abstraction.
  • Breaking: grpc.dart no longer exposes the deprecated ServerHandler. It was supposed to be an internal abstraction.
  • service_api.dart no longer exports Server - it has never been used by the generated code.

1.0.3 #

  • Allow custom user agent with a userAgent argument for ChannelOptions().
  • Allow specifying authority for ChannelCredentials.insecure().
  • Add userAgent as an optional named argument for clientConnection.createCallHeaders().

1.0.2 #

  • Fix bug where the server would crash if the client would break the connection.

1.0.1 #

  • Add service_api.dart that only contains the minimal imports needed by the code generated by protoc_plugin.

1.0.0+1 #

  • Support package:http2 1.0.0.

1.0.0 #

  • Graduate package to 1.0.

0.6.8+1 #

  • Removes stray files that where published by accident in version 0.6.8.

0.6.8 #

  • Calling terminate() or shutdown() on a channel doesn't throw error if the channel is not yet open.

0.6.7 #

  • Support package:test 1.5.

0.6.6 #

  • Support package:http >=0.11.3+17 <0.13.0.
  • Update package:googleapis_auth to ^0.2.5+3.

0.6.5 #

  • Interceptors are now async.

0.6.4 #

  • Update dependencies to be compatible with Dart 2.

0.6.3 #

  • Make fields of StatusCode const rather than final.

0.6.2 #

  • Allow for non-ascii header values.

0.6.1 #

  • More fixes to update to Dart 2 core library APIs.

0.6.0+1 #

  • Updated implementation to use new Dart 2 APIs using dart2_fix.

0.6.0 #

  • Dart SDK upper constraint raised to declare compatibility with Dart 2.0 stable.

0.5.0 #

  • Breaking change: The package now exclusively supports Dart 2.
  • Fixed tests to pass in Dart 2.
  • Added support for Interceptors (issue #79); thanks to @mogol for contributing!

0.4.1 #

  • Fixes for supporting Dart 2.

0.4.0 #

  • Moved TLS credentials for server into a separate class.
  • Added support for specifying the address for the server, and support for serving on an ephemeral port.

0.3.1 #

  • Split out TLS credentials to a separate class.

0.3.0 #

  • Added authentication metadata providers, optimized for use with Google Cloud.
  • Added service URI to metadata provider API, needed for Json Web Token generation.
  • Added authenticated cloud-to-prod interoperability tests.
  • Refactored connection logic to throw initial connection errors early.

0.2.1 #

  • Updated generated code in examples using latest protoc compiler plugin.
  • Dart 2.0 fixes.
  • Changed license to Apache 2.0.

0.2.0 #

  • Implemented support for per-RPC metadata providers. This can be used for authentication providers which may need to obtain or refresh a token before the RPC is sent.

0.1.0 #

The API is shaping up, but may still change as more advanced features are implemented.

0.0.1 #

  • Initial version.

This package is in a very early and experimental state. We do not recommend using it for anything but experiments.

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Dart implementation of gRPC, a high performance, open-source universal RPC framework.

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