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Android Google Maps Utils port.

google_maps_utils - An Android Google Maps Utils java project port #

A Flutter/Dart project based on Android Google Maps Utils converted/ported to Dart/Flutter There are many packages that features Google Maps Utils, but none has the 3 main classes from the sources

How it works #

This is a project for converting all of the tools from Android Google Maps Utils partially. Initial commits from the 3 main Classes,, and

The same rules for calculating bounds, distance between two LatLng points and other polyline features are the same as used on Android native Java/Kotlin logic.

All of the methods of current classes available are ported

Main project: Main project questions: Fluttert community request:

spherical_utils.dart #

Working 100% - Used in production and working as expected

math_utils.dart #

Working 100% - Used in production and working as expected

poly_utils.dart #

May be broken

warnings: #

poly_utils.dart #

    # Charcode conversion and StringBuffer writing may not be written correctly
    # Dart does not have a class for Stacking objects, was used a pub dart for stack that is not in stable state
    # Charcode conversion may not be written correctly