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Common patterns for screenshot-based widget testing using Goldens.

Changelog #

0.8.0 #

Thanks to @tsimbalar for this enhancement.

A new configuration property has been added to GoldenToolkitConfiguration which allows you to opt-in to displaying real shadows in your goldens. By default, real shadows are disabled in Flutter tests due to inconsistencies in their implementation across versions. This behavior could always be toggled off in flutter tests via an obscure global variable. Now, you can easily specify a scoped value it in your configuration overrides.

0.7.0 #

Thanks to @moonytoes29 for the following enhancements:

A new helper widget DeviceBuilder has been added. This works conceptually similar to GoldenBuilder but is used for displaying multiple device renderings of a widget in a single golden. This is an alternative to the existing multiScreenGolden() API which captures separate golden images for each device variation under test.

To assist with usage of DeviceBuilder, there is a new helper API: tester.pumpDeviceBuilder(builder) which assists in easily pumping a DeviceBuilder widget in your tests. Check out the documentation for more details.

0.6.0 #

Added the ability to configure the default set of devices to use for multiScreenGolden assertions globally.

For example: GoldenToolkitConfiguration(defaultDevices: [Device.iphone11, Device.iphone11.dark()])

As part of this, the default parameter value has been removed from multiScreenGolden.

There was also a minor breaking change in that the const constructor of GoldenToolkitConfiguration is no longer const.

0.5.1 #

Improved the reliability of the default behavior for tester.waitForAssets() to handle additional cases.

0.5.0 #

More intelligent behavior for loading assets #

A new mechanism has been added for ensuring that images have been decoded before capturing goldens. The old implementation worked most of the time, but was non-deterministic and hacky. The new implementation inspects the widget tree to identify images that need to be loaded. It should display images more consistently in goldens.

This may be a breaking change for some consumers. If you run into issues, you can revert to the old behavior, by applying the following configuration:

GoldenToolkitConfiguration(primeAssets: legacyPrimeAssets);

Additionally, you can provide your own implementation that extends the new default behavior:

GoldenToolkitConfiguration(primeAssets: (tester) async {
 await defaultPrimeAssets(tester);
 /* do anything custom */

If you run into issues, please submit issues so we can expand on the default behavior. We expect that it is likely missing some cases.

New API for configuring the toolkit #

Reworked the configuration API introduced in 0.4.0. The prior method relied on global state and could be error prone. The old implementation still functions, but has been marked as deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

The new API can be invoked in flutter_test_config.dart to be applied for all tests within a given folder (or the entire package). Additionally, if there is a need to override configuration at a narrower scope, this API can be invoked in-line as well.

GoldenToolkit.runWithConfiguration((){/* callback() */}, config: GoldenToolkitConfiguration(/* custom config here */));

Added the ability to customize the generated filenames #

When using screenMatchesGolden or multiGoldenFile, you can now supply your own functions for controlling the naming of the files. This can be done using the configuration API mentioned above.

GoldenToolkit.runWithConfiguration((){ /* callback() */}, config: GoldenToolkitConfiguration(fileNameFactory: (filename) => '' /*output filename*/));

There are two methods that can be overridden:

  • fileNameFactory is used for screenMatchesGolden
  • deviceFileNameFactory is used for multiScreenGolden

Future releases will likely consolidate these APIs.

Thanks to @christian-muertz for this enhancement.

Added additional utility functions for preparing for goldens #

Extracted out some public extension methods that were previously private implementation details of multiScreenGolden & screenMatchesGolden

Added the following extensions. These can be used with any vanilla golden assertions and do not require multiScreenGolden, screenMatchesGolden, or GoldenBuilder.

// configures the simulated device to mirror the supplied device configuration (dimensions, pixel density, safe area, etc)
await tester.binding.applyDeviceOverrides(device);

// resets any configuration applied by applyDeviceOverrides
await tester.binding.resetDeviceOverrides();

// runs a block of code with the simulated device settings and automatically clears upon completion
await tester.binding.runWithDeviceOverrides(device, body: (){});

// convenience helper for configurating the safe area... the built-in paddingTestValue is difficult to work with
tester.binding.window.safeAreaTestValue = EdgeInsets.all(8);

// a stand-alone version of the image loading mechanism described at the top of these release notes. Will wait for all images to be decoded
// so that they will for sure appear in the golden.
await tester.waitForAssets();

Misc Changes #

A few API / parameters were marked as deprecated and will be removed in future releases.

0.4.0 #

Configuration API #

Added a configuration API so that you can control the behavior of skipping golden assertions in a single location, rather than at each call to screenMatchesGolden or multiScreenGolden.

You can now call:

//place in /test/test_config.dart
// typical conditions will be platform checks:
//    () => TargetPlatform.isLinux
//    () => !TargetPlatform.isMacOS
GoldenToolkit.configure(GoldenToolkitConfiguration(skipGoldenAssertion: () => /* some condition */));

Auto-Sized Goldens #

A new optional parameter autoHeight has been added to screenMatchesGolden and multiScreenGolden. If set to true, the height of the golden will adapt to fit the widget under test. Thanks to @christian-muertz!

0.3.2 #

Additional support for Cupertino fonts in Goldens.

0.3.1+1 #

Corrected the update command in

0.3.1 #

Resolve an issue where configuration performed on WidgetTester during multiScreenGolden could bleed over to other tests in the same file. Add additional convenience helpers for the Device class.

0.3.0 #

Add support for configuring safe area (to simulate a device notch) and platform brightness (light/dark mode) on a multiScreenGolden device.

0.2.3 #

Breaking: Removed Future return type from testGoldens.

0.2.2 #

Added deviceSetup to multiscreenGolden to allow pumping customization when device configuration (ex: screen size) changes

0.2.1 #

Dropping pre-release tag. Improved documentation.

0.2.1-dev #

Resolved an issue when using loadAppFonts() to unit test a non-application package which includes one or more custom fonts.

0.2.0-dev #

Improved the mechanism for loading font assets. Consumers no longer need to supply a directory to read the .ttf files from.

They can now simply call: await loadAppFonts() and the package will automatically load any font assets from their pubspec.yaml or from any packages they depend on.

0.1.0-dev #

Initial release. Includes utility methods for easily pumping complex widgets, loading real fonts, and for writing more advanced Golden-based tests.


  • GoldenBuilder for widget integration tests that visually indicate different states of a widgets in a single Golden test.
  • multiScreenGolden for pumping a widget and performing multiple Golden assertions with different device characteristics (e.g. screen size, accessibility options, etc)

We expect to make breaking changes over the next few releases as we stabilize the API.

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Common patterns for screenshot-based widget testing using Goldens.

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