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This package wrap the [Gofile](https://gofile.io) API. It allow to use the API in a simple way.


This package wrap the Gofile API. It allow to use the API in a simple way.

Features #

  • Implements all the current endpoint of the API
  • Allow to easily request the API without having to write the request

Getting started #

You will need to create an account on Gofile and get your API token from your profile.

Then you can install the library with: dart dart pub add gofile_dart

Usage #

import 'dart:io';

import 'package:gofile_dart/gofile_dart.dart';

void main() async {
  // We create a client to be used with the API
  // The token authenticate the account used for the request
  final client = GoFileClient('token');

  // Each request may throw either an Exception or a GoFileException
  // Exception a throw when the request failed
  // GoFileException a throw when the request status is not 'ok'
  try {
    // Get the best server available to receive files
    final server = await client.getServer();

    // The file to be uploaded
    // You can only upload ONE file at a time
    // If you want to upload multiple files, you need recursively call the method
    // and pass the parentFolder attribute from the first request inside the folderId parameter
    final file = File('example/example_upload.txt');

    /// Upload a file and return the meta data about the upload file
    final uploadedFileData = await client.uploadFile(server, file);

  } on GoFileException catch (e) {
    // In case of an error, we can get the status returned by the api

Additional information #

The Gofile API is still in beta, this package will be updated as soon as possible. Some endpoint require a Gofile subscription

Disclaimer #

The name and the logo of Gofile are used with the written authorization of the gofile team. This package isn't affiliated with the gofile team in anyway

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This package wrap the [Gofile](https://gofile.io) API. It allow to use the API in a simple way.

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