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A button with icon around it.

full_icon_button #

A button and a text with icon around it.

FullIconButton 继承自MaterialButton,在构造函数里我加了这些属性

    double minWidth,
    double height,
    Widget leftIcon,
    Widget topIcon,
    Widget rightIcon,
    Widget bottomIcon,
    EdgeInsetsGeometry textPadding,

我们可以定义宽高,上下左右图标,还有文字和图标的间距,这样用起来会比较方便了。当然如果你有其他需求一样可以自己加进去。 另外我们用了Column,Row,OffstageColumn控制竖排的widget,Row控制横排的widget,Offstage控制icon的显示或隐藏,Offstage有2个属性offstagechild,其中offstage=true时Offstage就不显示了。 下面我们用下这个FullIconButton

  label: Text("GitHub登录"),
  color: Colors.blue,
  textColor: Colors.white,
  onPressed: () {},
  minWidth: double.infinity,
  leftIcon: Image.asset(
    width: 24,
    height: 24,
    color: Colors.white,
  rightIcon: Icon(Icons.group),
  topIcon: Text("我是👆"),
  bottomIcon: Text("我是👇"),
  textPadding: EdgeInsets.only(left: 10, right: 10),

效果如下: WechatIMG3.png



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