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base fields for Forme

currently supported fields #

Name Return Value Nullable
FormeTextField string false
FormeDateTimeField DateTime true
FormeNumberField num true
FormeTimeField TimeOfDay true
FormeDateRangeField DateTimeRange true
FormeSlider double false
FormeRangeSlider RangeValues false
FormeFilterChip List< T> false
FormeChoiceChip T true
FormeCheckbox bool true
FormeCheckboxListTile bool true
FormeSwitch bool false
FormeSwitchTile bool false
FormeDropdownButton T true
FormeListTile List< T> false
FormeRadioGroup T true
FormeCupertinoTextField string false
FormeCupertinoDateTimeField DateTime true
FormeCupertinoNumberField num true
FormeCupertinoPicker int false
FormeCupertinoSegmentedControl T true
FormeCupertinoSlidingSegmentedControl T true
FormeCupertinoSlider double false
FormeCupertinoSwitch bool false
FormeCupertinoTimerField Duration true

TextEditingController #

for simplify form control , set TextEditingController is not supported on some fields , eg : FormeTextField,FormeNumberField,FormeDateTimeField and etc...

if you want to access underlying TextEditingController, you can try to convert FormeFieldController to FormeTextFieldController or other to do that