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Kit for create complex form

Create form easy and fast. Create fields once and use their many times

Why field is not widget #

Often, the application uses a single design forms, you once set up the topic and / or create your fields And then you write only logic in the controller

Getting started #

To use this plugin, add formaster as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Usage #

    final product = Product(); // Abstract model

    final titleField = StringField(
      placeholder: 'Title',
      onSaved: (value) => product.title = value,
    final priceField = DoubleField(
      placeholder: 'Price',
      onSaved: (value) => product.price = value,

    final controller = FromController;
        controller: controller,
        body: FormColumnLayout([

    if( {
        // Great, you model filled!

see /example for more case.

Components #

Basic components that will suit most users

Layout #

  • FormColumnLayout
  • FormRowLayout
  • FormWrapLayout

Fields #

  • BoolField
  • ChoiceField
  • DoubleField
  • IntField
  • StringField

Fields used standart ThemeData and FormThemeData for additional data In /example/lib/fields you will see example of custom fields