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Write your videos in Flutter.


Use your Flutter knowledge to generate videos, animations and slideshows!

Automate your video production with server-side rendering.

preview editor

Footage is still in early stage! Use it at your own risks, and API are subject to change.

Quickstart #

Install footage with pub.

dart pub global activate footage

Create a directory for your project, like my_video, and from this directory, run the footage init command.

mkdir my_video
cd my_video
footage init

This will initialize a flutter project, with footage default pre-configured template.

To start the preview mode, simply run the lib/main.dart like any regular Flutter app.

flutter run lib/main.dart -d macOS

Code your animations #

Composition #

The composition root object describes your video general properties.

    fps: 30,
    duration: const Time.frames(90),
    width: 1920,
    height: 1080,
    child: const MyScene(),

Current frame and configuration #

Any Composition descendant can then access the current frame and video properties through the extension.

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    final frame =;
    final fps =;
    final videoWidth =;
    // ...

Sequence #

Sequences are small sections in finite time that make up your video clip. By using a sequence, you can time-shift the animations of your children.

    name: 'Circle', // For preview editor
    from: Time.frames(10),
    duration: Time.frames(20),
    child: Builder(
        builder: (context) {
            final frame =; // From 0 to 20 (since sequence starts at 10 and ends at 30)
            // ...

Loop #

Repeats all children animations during the given duration.

    name: 'Repeated circles', // For preview editor
    duration: Time.frames(20),
    child: Builder(
        builder: (context) {
            final frame =; // From 0 to 20, every 20 frames
            // ...

Render your video #

As png frames #

Form your project directory, run the

footage render

You will find the output frame images in your build/video/frames.

Under the hood, the rendering process uses flutter_test to render each frame as an individual image, thanks to golden tests. This allows rendering without the need to run the app.

As a video #

To render a video you first need to install ffmpeg command line tool.


Bring a -f format option to the render command.

They are simply shorcuts for ffmpeg commands :

  • webm : ffmpeg -i build/video/frames/%d.png -pix_fmt yuva420p -filter:v fps=<fps> build/video/out.webm
footage render -f webm

The resulting video is build/video/out.webm.


Use the ffmpeg tool from your frame files.

footage render
ffmpeg -i build/video/frames/%d.png -pix_fmt yuva420p -filter:v fps=30 build/video/out.webm

Examples #



Hello Waves




Roadmap #

  • Asset management when rendering
  • Asynchronous frame rendering
  • More default ffmpeg video rendering options
  • Embeddable player for Flutter apps
  • Preview speed (x0.25, x0.5, x2)
  • Slideshow preview mode for presentation
  • More examples
  • Website

Thanks #

Massive thanks to the Remotion project which inspired me a lot of concepts.

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Write your videos in Flutter.

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