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Font load events, simple, small and efficient. Dart port of

Overview #

Font load events, simple, small and efficient. It wil use the FontFace api if available, otherwise it falls back to a Dart port of

Usage Example #

import 'package:font_face_observer/font_face_observer.dart';
import 'package:font_face_observer/data_uri.dart';

FontFaceObserver ffo = new FontFaceObserver('Arial', weight: 'bold');
FontLoadResult result = await ffo.load('/url/to/arial.ttf');
if (result.isLoaded) {
    // at this point we're absolutely sure that the font has loaded
if (result.didTimeout) {
    // We've timed out and are not sure if the font has loaded.
    // You can reissue a ffo.check() call to check again if you want

// Build a base64 encoded data URI
DataUri di = new DataUri(); = DataUri.base64EncodeString('test');
  ..mimeType = 'text/plain';
  ..encoding = 'utf-8';
di.toString(); # data:text/plain;charset=utf-8;base64,dGVzdA==

Run the demo #

To run the demo, just install dependencies and run pub serve test. Then open http://localhost:8080

pub get
pub serve test

Public API #

// Constructing a new FontFaceObserver (with default values)
    String family,
        String style: 'normal',
        String weight: 'normal',
        String stretch: 'normal',
        String testString: 'BESbswy',
        int timeout: 3000,
        bool useSimulatedLoadEvents: false

// Check if the font face is loaded successfully
Future<FontLoadResult> check() async

// Load a font from the given URL by adding a font-face rule
// returns the same Future<FontLoadResult> from check()
Future<FontLoadResult> load(String url) async

// Unload a group of fonts (static call)
Future<int> FontFaceObserver.unloadGroup(String group);

// Unload a specific font by key and group
Future<bool> FontFaceObserver.unload(String key, String group);

Notes #

Font Face Observer will use the FontFace API to detect when a font has loaded.

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Font load events, simple, small and efficient. Dart port of

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