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Font load events, simple, small and efficient. Dart port of

Overview #

Font load events, simple, small and efficient. It wil use the FontFace api if available, otherwise it falls back to a Dart port of

Usage Example #

import 'package:font_face_observer/font_face_observer.dart';
import 'package:font_face_observer/data_uri.dart';

FontFaceObserver ffo = new FontFaceObserver('Arial', weight: 'bold');
FontLoadResult result = await ffo.load('/url/to/arial.ttf');
if (result.isLoaded) {
    // at this point we're absolutely sure that the font has loaded
if (result.didTimeout) {
    // We've timed out and are not sure if the font has loaded.
    // You can reissue a ffo.check() call to check again if you want

// Build a base64 encoded data URI
DataUri di = new DataUri(); = DataUri.base64EncodeString('test');
  ..mimeType = 'text/plain';
  ..encoding = 'utf-8';
di.toString(); # data:text/plain;charset=utf-8;base64,dGVzdA==

Run the demo #

To run the demo, just install dependencies and run pub serve test. Then open http://localhost:8080

pub get
pub serve test

Public API #

// Constructing a new FontFaceObserver (with default values)
    String family,
        String style: 'normal',
        String weight: 'normal',
        String stretch: 'normal',
        String testString: 'BESbswy',
        int timeout: 3000,
        bool useSimulatedLoadEvents: false

// Check if the font face is loaded successfully
Future<FontLoadResult> check() async

// Load a font from the given URL by adding a font-face rule
// returns the same Future<FontLoadResult> from check()
Future<FontLoadResult> load(String url) async

// Unload a group of fonts (static call)
Future<int> FontFaceObserver.unloadGroup(String group);

// Unload a specific font by key and group
Future<bool> FontFaceObserver.unload(String key, String group);

Notes #

Font Face Observer will use the FontFace API if available to detect when a font has loaded. If the browser does not support that API it will fallback to the method used in which relies on scroll events when the font loads and is quite efficient. If you want to force the use of the fallback mode, you can set useSimulatedLoadEvents: true when constructing your FontFaceObserver.

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Font load events, simple, small and efficient. Dart port of

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