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A build of the fantastic font_awesome_flutter package with all the fonts named.

Table of Contents

font_awesome_flutter_named #

Live Example #

An online live example can be found here

Introduction #

With many thanks to the Flutter Community: font_awesome_flutter for creating the vast majority of the work required for this package.

This is built based off of Pub

This package generates the names of the fonts provided by the dependant font_awesome_flutter package. It does not actually include the font files themselves.

Font Names #

As a note, the names generated by this package differs from the official package in that the string names of the font icons exactly match the generated Dart code name rather than prefixing with the style. So the names in the example app match the names you may reference in the strings maps.

Installation #

In the dependencies: section of your pubspec.yaml, add the following line:

  font_awesome_flutter_named: <latest_version>

Usage #

import 'package:font_awesome_flutter_named/font_awesome_flutter_named.dart';

class MyWidget extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return IconButton(
      // Use the FaIcon Widget + FontAwesomeIcons class for the IconData
      icon: FaIcon(faIconNameMapping['gamepad']!),
      onPressed: () { print("Pressed"); }

Icon names #

Icon names equal those on the official website, but are written in lower camel case. If more than one icon style is available for an icon, the style name is used as prefix, except for "regular". Due to restrictions in dart, icons starting with numbers have those numbers written out.


Icon name Code Style
angle-double-up faIconNameMapping['angleDoubleUp'] solid (this icon does not have other free styles)
arrow-alt-circle-up faIconNameMapping['arrowAltCircleUp'] regular
arrow-alt-circle-up faIconNameMapping['solidArrowAltCircleUp'] solid
1 faIconNameMapping['solidOne'] solid
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A build of the fantastic font_awesome_flutter package with all the fonts named.

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