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Widgets that follow other widgets.

0.0.4+7 - Nov, 2023 #

Added a FunctionalAligner for easier aligner implementations.

0.0.4+6 - Oct, 2023 #

Fix dirty paint state for Followers in Linux golden tests.

0.0.4+5 - Sept, 2023 #

More fixes for Follower content alignment, e.g., iOS popovers. This fix schedules an extra paint frame if it tries to paint a Follower when the FollowerLayer isn't attached.

0.0.4+4 - Sept, 2023 #

Adjusted Follower internal transform management to solve iOS toolbar arrow alignment issues on first frame, and when focal point moves.

0.0.4+3 - July, 2023 #

Fixes and adjustments.

  • FIX: Follower no longer drifts when it hits a boundary
  • CHANGE: Follower doesn't fade until the entire Leader leaves the boundary
  • Supports Dart 3

0.0.4+2 - Jan, 2023 #

Leader and Follower scaling.

  • Reworked Follower implementation to correctly handle scaling. Added bounds support for scaled Leaders and Followers.

0.0.4+1 - Jan, 2023 #

Fix Leader offset reporting.

  • Fix getOffsetInLeader from last release by correctly applying Leader scale.

0.0.4 - Jan, 2023 #

Scrollables and scaling.

  • Added recalculateGlobalOffset to Leader, which should be used to notify Leaders when an ancestor Scrollable scrolls, so the Leader can notify Followers that it moved.
  • Added scale and getOffsetInLeader to LeaderLink because the Leader's scale was previously ignored.

0.0.3 - Dec, 2023 #

Easier following.

  • Breaking: Follower.withDynamics is now Follower.withAligner.
  • LeaderLink now mixes ChangeNotifier and notifies listeners when the Leader moves or changes size.
  • Added Follower property called repaintWhenLeaderChanges, which repaints the Follower child whenever the Leader moves or changes size.
  • Added FollowerFadeOutBeyondBoundary widget, which will fade out its child when the Leader exceeds a given FollowerBoundary.

0.0.2 - Dec, 2022 #

MVP release.

  • Primary widgets are now called Leader and Follower
  • The widget link in this package is now called LeaderLink
  • Follower supports customized alignment and boundaries
  • BuildInOrder lets you build Followers without an implied layout

0.0.1 - Aug, 2022 #

Initial release.

  • Not ready for any production use, yet.