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Module for 'flutter_map_tile_caching' providing import/export functionality.

fmtc_plus_sharing #

A module for 'flutter_map_tile_caching' providing import and export functionality.

FMTC Documentation #

For the full documentation, visit the website made with GitBook. It also has information about using the example application.
Alternatively, for the API reference, look at the auto generated 'dartdoc', which also appears as you type in your favourite IDE.

Supporting Me #

I work on all of my projects in my spare time, including maintaining (along with a team) Flutter's № 1 (non-commercially maintained) mapping library 'flutter_map', bringing it back from the brink of abandonment, as well as my own plugin for it ('flutter_map_tile_caching') that extends it with advanced caching and downloading.
Additionally, I also own the Dart encoder/decoder for the QOI image format ('dqoi') - and I am slowly working on 'flutter_osrm', a wrapper for the Open Source Routing Machine.

Sponsorships & donations allow me to continue my projects and upgrade my hardware/setup, as well as allowing me to have some starting amount for further education and such-like. And of course, a small amount will find its way into my Jaffa Cakes fund ( - why do you think my username has "Jaffa" in it? Many thanks for any amount you can spare, it means a lot to me!

You can read more about me and what I do on my GitHub Sponsors page, where you can donate as well.

Sponsor Me Via GitHub Sponsors

Alternatively, if you prefer not to use GitHub Sponsors, please feel free to use my Ko-fi. Note that the PayPal backend will take a small percentage amount of donations made through this method.

(Proprietary) Licensing #

For information about licensing, please see the information on the FMTC docs.

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Module for 'flutter_map_tile_caching' providing import/export functionality.

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