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A command-line application to generate CI/CD yaml templates.

flutterweb_yaml #

A command-line application to generate CI/CD yaml templates for Flutter web project.

Installation #

You can install it using pub :

pub global activate flutterweb_yaml

To update flutterweb_yaml, use the same command.

Usage #

flutterweb_yaml generates the YAML file you need to build and deploy your Flutter app (or package example on the web).

Always run the command from the root of the project.

flutterweb_yaml generate

This will generate the YAML file for your Flutter app.

If you want to show off your example app for your Flutter package : (assuming your app is in a folder named example)

flutterweb_yaml generate --package

Or if your app folder has a custom path within your repository :

flutterweb_yaml generate --path ./path_to_my_app

Note : For now the only available provider is GitHub, so you don't have to specify the provider in parameters.

Contribution #

If you want to add a new provider, you can make a pull request.

If you find a bug, please fill an issue.

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A command-line application to generate CI/CD yaml templates.

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