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A thermometer widget for Flutter

flutter_thermometer #

A flutter Thermometer widget.

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Installation #

Add a dependency to pubspec.yaml:

  flutter_thermometer: ^1.0.0

Getting Started #

For basic usage, three parameters are required: minValue, maxValue and value. The widget must be instantiated within a fully constrained size container. In the follwing example, a SizedBox is used:

  width: thermoWidth,
  height: thermoHeight,
  child: Thermometer(
    value: value,
    minValue: minValue,
    maxValue: maxValue

Anatomy of the thermometer widget #



The thermometer widget is made of several elements: - An outline, which is characterized by `thickness`, `radius`, `barWidth` and `outlineColor` parameters. - A Mercury bar which whose height designates the temperature. Its color is controlled bt the `mercuryColor` parameter. - An optional scale. - An optional label. - An optional setpoint.

Scale #

The thermometer scale comprises a set of ticks, usually shown on the left side of the thermometer, but can be also set to be shown on the right side. The scale is provided by a class implementing the ScaleProvider interface. Given a minimum and a maximum value, a ScaleProvider computes a list of ticks that are drawn on the widget. Each tick can have specific color, length and label. The package comes with a single implementaion - IntervalScaleProvider. This implementation places ticks at constant interval, starting from the minimum temperature. All the ticks have the same color, length and a temperature value as a text label.

Custom implementation can be used to show other kind of scales, for example one that has minor and major ticks.

Label #

The label is shown on the upper side of the thermometer widget, on the side opposite to the scale. It is usually used to denote the unit of measurement shown by the thermometer. A label is created by providing an instancel of ThermometerLabel to the widget. For convenience, two labels are provided by the package - degrees Celsius and degrees Farenheit, but any other custom label can be created and styled.

Setpoint #

A setpoint is a small triangle (or two triangles) denoting a target temperature. A setpoint is created by providing a Setpoint instance to the widget. The setpoint can be configured for value (temperature), color, size and side - either on the left side, the right side or both.


The project is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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A thermometer widget for Flutter

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