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This package is a lightweight wrapper around the TestRail API that enables automated test reporting in Dart and Flutter applications.

Flutter TestRail #

This package provides a Dart interface for seamless integration with the TestRail API, enabling automated test reporting, including test run management and case pass/fail reporting.

Getting Started #

Initialize the TestRail instance using the configure method:

      username: 'your user name',
      password: 'your password',
      /// The url that points to the test rail server => https://example.testrail.com
      serverDomain: 'https://example.testrail.com',


Usage #

Add Result #

Adds a new test result, comment or assigns a test. It’s recommended to use 'Add Result' instead if you plan to add results for multiple tests.

final testResult = await TestResult.addTestResult(9,statusId:1); //replace 9 with your own testId.

Add Results #

Adds one or more new test results, comments, or assigns one or more tests. Ideal for test automation to bulk-add multiple test results in one step.

List<TestStatus> testStatusResult =[TestStatus(caseId:121,statusId:1,comment:'first test passed'),   TestStatus(caseId:122,statusId:5,comment:'second test failed')]

final testResult = await TestResult.addRunResults(3,addTestResults:testStatusResult); //replace 3 with your own RunId.

Add Results For Cases #

Adds one or more new test results, comments or assigns one or more tests (using the case IDs). Ideal for test automation to bulk-add multiple test results in one step.

/// create your intial Test Stauts  list. 
 List<TestStatus> testStatusResults = [
      caseId: 1758,
      statusId: 3,
      comment: 'Verify that user is able to see the splash screen',
      caseId: 1759,
      statusId: 3,
          'Verify that after splash screen app user is able to see “Permission screen”',

  /// Update your list once your test is completed and add status on test rail with updated status.
 await TestRailUtil.reportMultipleTestCaseResults(testStatusResults);

 class TestRailUtil {
  static void configureTestRail() {
    HttpOverrides.global = MyHttpOverrides();
      username: 'your user name',
      password: 'your password',
      serverDomain: 'https://example.testrail.com',

  /// Add Result Report to Testrail  [reportSingleTestCaseResult],
  /// And Equivalent Status Code:
  /// 1: Passed
  /// 2: Blocked
  /// 3: Untested (not allowed when adding a new result)
  /// 4: Retest
  /// 5: Failed
  ///  So Pass Status Code according to your test status
  static Future<void> reportMultipleTestCaseResults(
    List<TestStatus> testStatusResults,
  ) async {
    final testRun = await TestRun.get(3); //replace 3 with your own Run Id.
    await testRun.addResultsForCases(

class MyHttpOverrides extends HttpOverrides {
  HttpClient createHttpClient(SecurityContext? context) {
    return super.createHttpClient(context)
      ..badCertificateCallback =
          (X509Certificate cert, String host, int port) => true;

Create Test case #

/// Create new test case in section
final createdTestCase = await TestCase.create(
  // Replace with your own sectionId
  title: 'Test case from API',
  customValues: <String, dynamic>{
    // Custom fields start with "custom_" prefix
    'custom_feedback': 'This is custom feedback',

Delete Test case #

/// Get TestCase by ID
final testCase = await TestCase.get(1);

await testCase.delete();

Create or Update Runs #

/// Start by creating a new run
final newRun = await TestRun.create(
  name: 'Test execution',
  projectId: 1,

/// Add cases to the run
await newRun.updateRun(
  caseIds: [1, 2, 3, 5],

Once the run is created, results can be reported by case:

final result = await newRun.addResultForCase(
  caseId: 1,
  statusId: 1,

// Optionally add a screenshot or other image to the result
await result.addAttachment(

Get #

Historical runs, cases, and sections can be retrieved:

final testCase = await TestCase.get(1);

final testCases = await TestCase.getAll(1);

final testRun = await TestRun.get(1);

final testSection = await TestSection.get(1);

final testCaseHistory = await TestCaseHistory.get(1);

Completed or ongoing test run results can be retrieved:

final caseResults = await TestResult.getCaseResults(
  // Case ID is from TestCases, not TestRun
  runId: 1833,

final runResults = await TestResult.getRunResults(
  statusId: [5, 1],

final testResults = await TestResult.getTestResults(
  // Test ID from particular TestRun
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This package is a lightweight wrapper around the TestRail API that enables automated test reporting in Dart and Flutter applications.

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