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A new Flutter package which provides help in creating a mobile app of a shopify store.

flutter_simple_shopify #

IMPORTANT NOTE: we are happy that our package found some users and we are even more happy that there are people actively contributing. That being said, I (Adam) the maintainer am starting university on the 02/11/2020 and would love to find a new maintainer for this project, since my free time is being drastically shortened I won't be able help you guys out as good as I could before. I will still try my best to invest time into the package.

A new Flutter package which provides help in creating a mobile app of a shopify store. Note: This library as of right now is not ready for production however we finished creating our own app and used the library. There are still minor bugs here and there but we advise everyone to start using the library and post as many issues as possible. If there are questions about the usage feel free to hit us up on our mail address.

How To Use #

I Assume you have already a private app on your Shopify store. if not please follow this. At step 6 we recommend checking every API permission as some queries and mutations require permission on objects like product tags.

First of all configure the ShopifyConfig like that:

void main() {
      'de16cae1ce0b86260703fccaa6b689a3', // Storefront API access token.
      'exampleShopname.myshopify.com', // Store url.
      '2020-04'); // The Shopify Storefront API version.

These are the five possible instances, each contains different methods which will help you with working with the Shopify Storefront API. The goal is to make creating an mobile app from your Shopify website easier.

  ShopifyAuth shopifyAuth = ShopifyAuth.instance;
    Future<ShopifyUser> createUserWithEmailAndPassword({@required String email, @required String password})
    Future<void> signOutCurrentUser()
    Future<void> sendPasswordResetEmail({@required String email})
    Future<ShopifyUser> signInWithEmailAndPassword({@required String email, @required String password})
    Future<ShopifyUser> currentUser()
  ShopifyStore shopifyStore = ShopifyStore.instance;
     Future<List<Product>> getProductsByIds()
     Future<List<Product>> getXProductsAfterCursor(int limit,String startCursor)
     Future<List<Product>> getAllProducts()
     Future<List<Product>> getNProducts({@required int n, @required SortKey sortKey})
     Future<Shop> getShop()
     Future<Collection> getFeaturedCollection()
     Future<List<Collection>> getAllCollections()
     Future<List<Product>> getXProductsAfterCursorWithinCollection(String id, int limit, String startCursor, SortKeyProduct sortKey)
     Future<List<Product>> getAllProductsFromCollectionById(String id)
     Future<List<Product>> getAllProductsOnQuery(String cursor, SortKeyProduct sortKey, String query)
     Future<List<Product>> getXProductsOnQueryAfterCursor(String cursor, int limit, SortKeyProduct sortKey, String query)
     Future<List<Metafield>> getMetafieldsFromProduct(String productHandle, {String namespace})
  ShopifyCheckout shopifyCheckout = ShopifyCheckout.instance;
    Future<Checkout> getCheckoutInfoQuery({String checkoutId})
    Future<Checkout> getCheckoutInfoWithAvailableShippingRatesQuery({String checkoutId})
    Future<List<Order>> getAllOrders({String customerAccessToken})
    Future<void> checkoutLineItemsReplace({String checkoutId, List<Map<String,dynamic>> checkoutLineItems})
    Future<void> checkoutCustomerAssociate({String checkoutId, String customerAccessToken}) 
    Future<void> checkoutCustomerDisassociate({String checkoutId})
    Future<void> checkoutDiscountCodeApply({String checkoutId, String discountCode})
    Future<void> checkoutDiscountCodeRemove({String checkoutId})
    Future<String> createCheckout()
    Future<void> checkoutGiftCardAppend(String checkoutId, List<String> giftCardCodes)
    Future<void> checkoutGiftCardRemove(String appliedGiftCardId, String checkoutId)
    Future<void> shippingLineUpdate(String checkoutId, String shippingRateHandle)
    Future<void> checkoutCompleteFree(String checkoutId)
  ShopifyCustomer shopifyCustomer = ShopifyCustomer.instance;
     Future<void> customerAddressUpdate({String address1, String address2, String company, String city, String country, String firstName, String lastName, String phone, String province, String zip, String customerAccessToken, id})
     Future<void> customerUpdate({String email, String firstName, String lastName, String password, String phoneNumber, String customerAccessToken, bool acceptsMarketing})
     Future<void> customerAddressCreate({String address1, String address2, String company, String city, String country, String firstName, String lastName, String phone, String province, String zip, String customerAccessToken})
     Future<void> customerAddressDelete({String customerAccessToken, String addressId})
  ShopifyBlog shopifyBlog = ShopifyBlog.instance;
     Future<List<Blog>> getAllBlogs()
     Future<Blog> getBlogByHandle(String handle, SortKeyArticle sortKeyArticle)
     Future<List<Article>> getXArticlesSorted({int articleAmount, SortKeyArticle sortKeyArticle})

Above you see the instance on top and the possible methods and functions which you can use.

Getting Started #

This project is a starting point for a Dart package, a library module containing code that can be shared easily across multiple Flutter or Dart projects.

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation, which offers tutorials, samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full API reference.


Everybody can contribute and is invited to do so! Important: if you add a new field to a model please consider also adding this to every mutation/query that is associated with the model. eg. adding a new field to Checkout which is the webUrl, now you will need to go through the various queries/mutations and search for "Checkout" and add webUrl to each one of those. (adding a new field to a Model also requires you to update the fromJson)

Also I would like to thank everyone who contributed so far!

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A new Flutter package which provides help in creating a mobile app of a shopify store.

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