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A simple, fast and easy way to share you flutter project or mockups with the world.

Flutter Showcase #

A simple, fast and easy way to share you flutter project or mockups with the world. Demo

Intro #

Flutter Showcase is a project that helps you share flutter your project online. While building your project as a website is enough, this package aims to empower your demo. You can can have different appareances, actionable links and social metadata.

Flutter Showcase is only displayed when building the web project. When compiling to other platforms your project will still look as before.

Right now there is only SimpleTemplate but the goal is to provide multiple options to share your project so you can choose the one that fits for you.

Check the web demo with the awesome vignettes from @gskinnerTeam

Getting Started #

  1. Install package Check last version

  2. Wrap your app around a Showcase widget

  title: 'My Awesome Project',
  description: 'Hello World! Welcome to my awesome Flutter Project',
  app: MyApp()
  1. Add the frame builder inside Material App
  builder: Frame.builder,

Why is this needed? This builder is used to set new MediaQuery params with mobile size

  1. Run Flutter build web

  2. Publish the web project: See this cool articles on how to publish your app

That easy? Yess!!! #

Keep reading for more detailed features

Customize my showcase #

  1. Choose the template you perfer from the class Templates.

  2. Add actianable links

  // Add LinkData.github, LinkData.pub or create your custom LinkData()
  links: [
  //Add your brand logo next to the Flutter logo
  logoLink: LinkData(
      icon: Image.asset('assets/jaime_logo.png',
          fit: BoxFit.fitHeight),
      url: 'https://github.com/jamesblasco')
  1. Create your custom theme
  theme : TemplateThemeData(
    brightness: Brightness.dark,
    backgroundColor: Colors.black,
    titleTextStyle: TextStyle(
      fontFamily: 'WorkSans',
      fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
      color: Colors.white,
      height: 1.1,
      letterSpacing: 5),
    descriptionTextStyle: TextStyle(
        fontFamily: 'WorkSans',
        color: Colors.white70,
        fontWeight: FontWeight.w400,
        letterSpacing: 2),  
    flutterLogoColor: FlutterLogoColor.white,
    frameTheme: FrameThemeData(
      frameColor: Colors.white,
      statusBarBrightness: Brightness.dark,
    buttonTheme: ButtonThemeData(
      buttonColor: Colors.white,
          RoundedRectangleBorder(borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(50)),
      textTheme: ButtonTextTheme.accent,
      padding: EdgeInsets.all(16),
    buttonTextStyle: TextStyle(
        fontFamily: 'WorkSans',
        color: Colors.black,
        fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
        letterSpacing: 2),
    buttonIconTheme: IconThemeData(color: Colors.black) 

Current package problems #

  • Flutter web is still limited, some features are not available and performance can be a bit low sometimes
  • While most of the ui packages work on web, there are some packages that won't work or will not allow to compile the app
  • Creating a mobile frame inside a Flutter web app makes the global positions from gestures to be a reference for the whole screen and not the framed app, this might cause problems if you are using globalPosition in any GestureDetector or more advanced Widgets

Autogenerate social media tags - Experimental #

CAUTION! This feature is still experimental; It generates a new index.html, if you add your own js scrips (as Firebase) it won't work for now.

This projects aims to generate social media tags title, description, url and image for your Flutter project so you don't have to do it.

  1. A WebDriver is needed for making a screenshot of the project For the experimental version I am using ChromeDriver.

Github Actions have ChromeDriver installed by default 🎉 Local instalation:

  • Mac users with Homebrew installed: brew tap homebrew/cask && brew cask install chromedriver
  • Debian based Linux distros: sudo apt-get install chromium-chromedriver
  • Windows users with Chocolatey installed: choco install chromedriver

See here for installing manually

  1. Add this at the bottom of your pubspec.yaml
  title: Your project name
  description: This is the description of your project
  url: https://showcase-custom-web.com
  1. Instead of flutter build web we will use flutter pub run flutter_showcase build that will generate the web project in the folder in build/web_showcase
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A simple, fast and easy way to share you flutter project or mockups with the world.

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