flutter_sfsymbols 2.0.0
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A new Flutter package.

flutter_sfsymbols #

A new Flutter package required SFSymbol icons.
This plugin support all ios and android devices.

Install #

add flutter_sfsymbols into your pubspec.yaml

 flutter_sfsymbols: ^1.0.0

and you need add fonts into your pubspec.yaml too

  - family: sficonsets
      - asset: packages/flutter_sfsymbols/fonts/sficonsets.ttf

All Icons #

Find all icons at
https://framework7.io/icons/ You can also use Apple SF symbols tool to browse all icon sets.

Usage #

import 'package:flutter_sfsymbols/flutter_sfsymbols.dart';

const Icon(SFSymbols.airplane),
const Icon(SFSymbols.ant_circle_fill),
const Icon(SFSymbols.app_badge_fill),


All SF Symbols shall be considered to be system-provided images as defined in the Xcode and Apple SDKs license agreements and are subject to the terms and conditions set forth therein. You may not use SF Symbols—or glyphs that are substantially or confusingly similar—in your app icons, logos, or any other trademark-related use. Apple reserves the right to review and, in its sole discretion, require modification or discontinuance of use of any Symbol used in violation of the foregoing restrictions, and you agree to promptly comply with any such request.