flutter_screen_recorder 0.0.1
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Flutter Android iOS

A new flutter plugin project.

flutter_screen_recorder #

A flutter plugin to record phone screen and generate .mp4 video, this plugin inspired by react-native-screen-recorder

Accomplishement #

The screen recording feature is able to run on both platforms but the implementation is quite different on each platform.

iOS #

ASScreenRecorder is included as an external library to handle the screen recording function. All I need

The output video will be saved into iOS camera roll.

* In this app, it's naively assumed that the recording is always the latest video in the camara roll.

Android #

Work on progress..

Installation #

Add flutter_screen_recorder to your pubspec.yamlfile.

Usage #

import 'package:flutter_screen_recorder/flutter_screen_recorder.dart';

// Start screen recording 
final result = await FlutterScreenRecorder.startRecording();
    // Start screen recording succeed

final result = await FlutterScreenRecorder.stopRecording();
    // Stop screen recording succeed