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A Flutter plugin for Google ReCaptcha V2.

flutter_recaptcha_v2 #

A Flutter plugin for Google ReCaptcha V2.

Getting Started #

This plugin requires Webview to use Google ReCaptcha. This plugin only supports Google ReCAPTCHA V2 (not V3)

Obtain your own key & secret here: https://www.google.com/recaptcha

Test your API KEY at: https://recaptcha-flutter-plugin.firebaseapp.com/?api_key=API_KEY

Put RecaptchaV2 widget into your widget tree (Usually inside Stack widget), make sure it's placed on top of the tree and block all the behind interactions:

RecaptchaV2Controller recaptchaV2Controller = RecaptchaV2Controller();
	apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY", // for enabling the reCaptcha
	apiSecret: "YOUR_API_SECRET", // for verifying the responded token
	controller: recaptchaV2Controller,
	onVerifiedError: (err){
	onVerifiedSuccessfully: (success) {
		setState(() {
		if (success) {
			// You've been verified successfully.
		} else {
			// "Failed to verify.

The RecaptchaV2 widget is hidden by default, you need to attach the RecaptchaV2Controller and call show() method when needed. Like this:


Manually hide it:


That's it!