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Flutter Plugin generator generates a plugin implementation for you.

[0.0.9] #

  • Added support to serialize/deserialize enums and Sets.
  • Included header in the generated code.
  • Added support to @OnMethodCall annotation.

Breaking changes

  • MethodChannels are no longer static in any case.
  • The abstract plugin class will need to have a constructor, it can be as simple like PlatformPlugin();, but we need it.
  • Fields are no longer supported, always use getters instead.

[0.0.8] #

  • Serialization and deserialization of pretty much any combination of Lists, Maps and Classes (without generics).

[0.0.7+1] #

  • Removed example apk.

[0.0.7] #

  • Updated analyzer to 0.37.1.

  • Improved generated code formatting.

  • Updated documentation.

  • Included example.

  • Breaking Change

    • New @FlutterPlugin() annotation should be placed at every plugin class, it is obligatory to write a plugin.
    • MethodCallPlugin was renamed to MethodChannelFutures, this annotation is no longer obligatory to write a plugin. This means you can have a plugin with only EventChannels.
    • Having a declared Stream<T> field without an annotation EventChannelStream no longer raise an exception. After thinking about flexibility I reached the conclusion that it could limit plugin developments.

[0.0.6] #

  • Added support to EventChannel using EventChannelStream annotation in fields and getters.
  • Added support to use fields and getters for MethodChannel calls.
  • Included README.md.
  • Updated documentation.

[0.0.5] #

  • Added support to filter which platforms the plugin has support.
  • Renamed build.dart to flutter_plugin_generator.dart to conform with pub.dev warning.
  • Breaking change Now the generated plugin will have a static const MethodChannel shared across instances, unless at least one path replacement is the in the [MethodCallPlugin.channelName] string.

[0.0.4] #

  • Removed Flutter dependency.
  • Added the ability to list in which platforms a given method will work.
  • Better type matching for Map inner types.

[0.0.3] #

  • Downgrade meta lib version.

[0.0.2] #

  • Improved type matching for maps and lists.
  • Included some documentation.

[0.0.1] #

  • Initial release.
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Flutter Plugin generator generates a plugin implementation for you.

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