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A complete, ready to use, Neumorphic ui kit for Flutter. Dark theming compatible & fully customizable.

flutter_neumorphic #

A complete, ready to use, Neumorphic ui kit for Flutter


Try Flutter-Neumorphic on your browser : πŸ‘‰ https://flutter-neumorphic.firebaseapp.com/ 🌐


βš™οΈ Installation #


pub package pub package

  flutter_neumorphic: ^3.0.3

//requires flutter > 1.13.18

The in your .dart files

import 'package:flutter_neumorphic/flutter_neumorphic.dart';

πŸ—‚ Widgets #

Preview Widget Description
Neumorphic The main Neumorphic Widget, a container which adds white/dark gradient depending on a lightsource and a depth
NeumorphicButton A neumorphic button that plays with the depth to respond to user interraction
NeumorphicRadio A set of neumorphic button whith only one selected at time, depending on a value and groupValue
NeumorphicCheckbox A button associated with a value, can be checked/unckecked, if checked, takes the accent color
NeumorphicText A Neumorphic text (only work with positive depth)
NeumorphicIcon A Neumorphic icon (only work with positive depth)
material.TextField For TextFields, just surround your existing material textfield widget with a Neumorphic (container)
NeumorphicSwitch An On/Off toggle, associated with a value, if toggled, takes the accent color
NeumorphicToggle An mutiple value toggle, associated with a selecteedIndex
NeumorphicSlider A Neumorphic seekbar (range slider), the user can select a value in a range
NeumorphicProgress A determinate progress, takes the displayed percentage
NeumorphicProgressIndeterminate An inderminate progress-bar
NeumorphicBackground Take the background color of the theme, can clip the screen with a borderRadius
NeumorphicApp An application that uses Neumorphic design. Handle theme, navigation, localisation, and much more
NeumorphicAppBar A Neumorphhic design app bar. Can be used inside Scaffold

πŸ‘€ Showcases #

Neumorphic Neumorphic

Neumorphic Neumorphic

πŸ“¦ Neumorphic #

  style: NeumorphicStyle(
    shape: NeumorphicShape.concave,
    boxShape: NeumorphicBoxShape.roundRect(BorderRadius.circular(12)), 
    depth: 8,
    lightSource: LightSource.topLeft,
    color: Colors.grey
  child: ...

Neumorphic Neumorphic

☝️ Playing with LightSource & Depth

πŸ› οΈ Attributes #

Attributes Values Description
LightSource TopLeft, BottomRight, etc. / (dx, dy) The source of light specifit to the theme or the widget, used to project white/dark shadows on neumorphic elements
Shape Concave / Convex / Flat The shape of the curve used in the neumorphic container
Depth -20 <= double <= 20 The distance of the widget to his parent. Can be negative => emboss. It influences on the shadow's color and its size/blur
Intensity 0 <= double <= 1 The intensity of the Light, it influences on the shadow's color
SurfaceIntensity 0 <= double <= 1 The intensity of the Surface, it influences on the concave/convex darkness
Color any Color The default color of Neumorphic elements
Accent any Color The default accent color of the Neumorphic element when activated (eg: checkbox)
Variant any Color The default secondary color of the Neumorphic element (eg: used as second color on the progress gradient)
BoxShape Circle, RoundRect(radius), Stadium, Path The box shape of a Neumorphic element. Stadium : roundrect with cirlces on each side
Border NeumorphicBorder A border (color/width) to enhance contrast with background and others elements

Neumorphic Neumorphic Neumorphic Neumorphic

πŸ”§ Shapes #

Shape Widget Image Condition
Flat depth >= 0 && shape == Flat
Convex depth >= 0 && shape == Convex
Concave depth >= 0 && shape == Concave
Emboss depth < 0

Neumorphic Text #


Text only handle positive depth

child: NeumorphicText(
        "I love flutter",
        style: NeumorphicStyle(
          depth: 4,  //customize depth here
          color: Colors.white, //customize color here
        textStyle: NeumorphicTextStyle(
          fontSize: 18, //customize size here
          // AND others usual text style properties (fontFamily, fontWeight, ...)

Neumorphic Icon #


child: NeumorphicIcon(
        size: 80,

How to display SVG icons ?

Simply use https://fluttericon.com/ to export your svg as .ttf & use NeumorphicIcon(YOUR_ICON)


🎨 Custom Shape #


Flutter Neumorphic supports custom shapes, just provide a path to

class MyShapePathProvider extends NeumorphicPathProvider {
  bool shouldReclip(NeumorphicPathProvider oldClipper) {
    return true;

  Path getPath(Size size) {
    return Path()
      ..moveTo(0, 0)
      ..lineTo(size.width/2, 0)
      ..lineTo(size.width, size.height/2)
      ..lineTo(size.width/2, size.height/2)
      ..lineTo(size.width, size.height)
      ..lineTo(0, size.height)

And use NeumorphicBoxShape.path

  style: NeumorphicStyle(
     boxShape: NeumorphicBoxShape.path(MyShapePathProvider()),

You can import the Flutter logo as a custom shape using

  style: NeumorphicStyle(
    shape: NeumorphicBoxShape.path(NeumorphicFlutterLogoPathProvider()),

πŸ”² Accessibility / Border #

For design purposes, or simply to enhance accessibility, you can add a border on Neumorphic widgets


      style: NeumorphicStyle(
        border: NeumorphicBorder(
          color: Color(0x33000000),
          width: 0.8,

You can enable/disable it (eg: listening an Accessibility Provider) with isEnabled

border: NeumorphicBorder(
    isEnabled: true,
    color: Color(0x33000000),
    width: 0.8,

Note that borderColor and borderWidth default values has been added to NeumorphicThemeData

🎨 Neumorphic Theme #

neumorphic_theme neumorphic_theme

    themeMode: ThemeMode.light, //or dark / system
    darkTheme: NeumorphicThemeData(
        baseColor: Color(0xff333333),
        accentColor: Colors.green,
        lightSource: LightSource.topLeft,
        depth: 4,
        intensity: 0.3,
    theme: NeumorphicThemeData(
        baseColor: Color(0xffDDDDDD),
        accentColor: Colors.cyan,
        lightSource: LightSource.topLeft,
        depth: 6,
        intensity: 0.5,
    child: ...

To retrieve the current used theme :

final theme = NeumorphicTheme.currentTheme(context);
final baseColor = theme.baseColor;
final accentColor = theme.accentColor;

Toggle from light to dark

NeumorphicTheme.of(context).themeMode = ThemeMode.dark;

Know if using dark


NeumorphicApp #

You can use direcly in your project a NeumorphicApp, surrounding your code

It handle directly NeumorphicTheme & Navigation (and all possibilities of MaterialApp )

void main() => runApp(MyApp());

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  // This widget is the root of your application.
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return NeumorphicApp(
      debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false,
      title: 'Neumorphic App',
      themeMode: ThemeMode.light,
      theme: NeumorphicThemeData(
        baseColor: Color(0xFFFFFFFF),
        lightSource: LightSource.topLeft,
        depth: 10,
      darkTheme: NeumorphicThemeData(
        baseColor: Color(0xFF3E3E3E),
        lightSource: LightSource.topLeft,
        depth: 6,
      home: MyHomePage(),

What's neumorphic #


Material Cards #

A Modern / Material (upgraded) card usually is a surface floating on top of our perceived background and casting a shadow onto it. The shadow both gives it depth and also in many cases defines the shape itself β€” as it’s quite often borderless.

Neumorphic cards #

Neumorphic card however pretends to extrude from the background. It’s a raised shape made from the exact same material as the background. When we look at it from the side we see that it doesn’t β€œfloat”.


Here's a Nereumorphic Button tap (slowed x2) from the sample app, you can see how the element seems to change its depth to its surface.

πŸ‘₯ Contributors #

florent Florent Champigny
olivier Olivier Bonvila
gyl Gyl Jean Lambert
jaumard Jimmy Aumard
Overman775 Overman775
schopy schopy

πŸ“„ License #

Flutter-Neumorphic is released under the Apache2 license. See LICENSE for details.

If you use the open-source library in your project, please make sure to credit and backlink to www.idean.com


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A complete, ready to use, Neumorphic ui kit for Flutter. Dark theming compatible & fully customizable.

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