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A new flutter plugin project.

MyFatoorah Payment Gateway Plugin #

A flutter plugin for integrating MyFatoorah payment gateway. Supports Android and iOS.

Installing #

Add this in pubspec.yaml

    flutter_myfatoorah: ^0.0.7

iOS 9+ Specific #

ios developers should add the following to their plist


Using #

import 'package:flutter_myfatoorah/flutter_myfatoorah.dart';
startpayment() async {
    //Testing Credentials
    String credUrl = "https://apidemo.myfatoorah.com/";
    String credEmail = "apiaccount@myfatoorah.com";
    String credPass = "api12345*";
    int language = 0;
    String name = "anil meena";
    double price = 555.0;
    String paymentMethod = ".all";
    var response ;
    Map<dynamic, dynamic> map = {"cred_url":credUrl,
    try {
           response = await FlutterMyfatoorah.payment(map);
        } on PlatformException {

See the example directory for a complete sample app.

Responses : #

Sucess Response:
    all data about payment done in json string format

Error Response:
    cancelled by user: {"Error":"Payment Cancelled"}
    Gateway Errors: {"Error":"ssl error","responseCode":"500"}