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flutter memory cache in Map.

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flutter_memory_cache #

flutter memory cache in Map with ttl support.

Notice #

  • It's not for the logical cache because eviction will automatically remove cache.
  • It use TTL(Time To Live) to make sure data can be refresh.
  • This lib have NOT been fully tested yet, Please do NOT use it in production.

Getting Started #

Add dependency

   flutter_memory_cache: #latest version


 MemoryCache memoryCache = MemoryCache();
 dynamic cache1 = {'name': 'obj1'};
 var cache2 = {'name': 'obj2'};
 memoryCache.put('obj1', cache1); //default ttl 60 seconds
     'cache2', cache2, 5); //cache2 will be invalidate in 5 seconds
 var ret = memoryCache.get('cache2');//ret is null
 print('ret is $ret');
 ret = memoryCache.get('cache1');
 print('cache1 is $ret'); // cache1 is {name: obj1}