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Marker popups for flutter_map.

flutter_map_marker_popup #

Makes adding marker popups to flutter_map easy.

If you have any suggestions/problems please don't hesitate to open an issue.

Getting Started #

For a minimal code example have a look at SimpleMapWithPopups.

For a complete example which demonstrates all of the various options available try running the demo app in the example/ directory which results in the following:



  • Why is the popup not showing when I tap the marker?

    Make sure you don't have a GestureDetector in your Marker's builder which is preventing this plugin from detecting the Marker tap.

Clustering #

If you want both marker popups and marker clustering, this plugin's popup functionality has been integrated in to the wonderful flutter_map_marker_cluster plugin.

Thanks #

A huge thanks to the contributors of flutter_map and the flutter_map_marker_popup. I use them together in a large personal project and they work wonderfully.