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[pending analysis]

A common platform interface for the flutter_local_notifications plugin.

[6.0.0-dev.1] #

  • Breaking change the parameters of ActiveNotification's constructor are now are named instead of positional
  • [Android] groupKey has been added to ActiveNotification. This was previously available in version 9.1.0 of the flutter_local_notifications plugin but then removed as it should've been part of a major release instead of a minor one

[5.0.0] #

  • Breaking change the SelectNotificationCallback typedef now maps to a function that returns void instead of a Future<dynamic>. This change was done to better communicate the plugin doesn't actually await any asynchronous computation and is similar to how button pressed callbacks work for Flutter where they are typically use VoidCallback

[4.0.1] #

  • Moved the SelectNotificationCallback typedef and validateId method previously defined in the plugin to the platform interface. This is so they could be reused by platform implementations

[4.0.0] #

  • Updated Flutter SDK constraint
  • Updated Dart SDK constraint
  • Bumped mockito dependency

[3.0.0] #

  • Migrated to null safety

[2.0.0+1] #

  • Added more API docs

[2.0.0] #

  • BREAKING CHANGE renamed RepeatInterval enum values to use lower camel casing
  • Bump plugin_platform_interface dependency

[1.0.1] #

  • Add pendingNotificationRequests()

[1.0.0+1] #

  • Fix link to repo in pubspec
  • Update readme

[1.0.0] #

  • Initial release of platform interface