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A simple Jigsaw Puzzle lib built with Flutter.

flutter_jigsaw_puzzle #

A Flutter jigsaw puzzle view that supports custom grids of varying sizes.

Features #

  • Create a jigsaw puzzle from any AssetImage
  • Configurable grid size (2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, ...)
  • Separate callbacks for when each block gets snapped and for when the puzzle is completed

Getting started #

In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter project, add the following dependency:

  flutter_jigsaw_puzzle: <latest_version>

In your library add the following import:

import 'package:flutter_jigsaw_puzzle/flutter_jigsaw_puzzle.dart';

For help getting started with Flutter, view the online documentation.

Example #

3x3 #

5x5 #

10x10 #

final puzzleKey = GlobalKey<JigsawWidgetState>();

  children: [
      onPressed: () async {
        await puzzleKey.currentState.generate();
      child: const Text('Generate'),
      gridSize: 10,
      image: const AssetImage('assets/Jigsaw.jpg'),
      onFinished: () {
        // ignore: avoid_print
      snapSensitivity: .5, // Between 0 and 1
      puzzleKey: puzzleKey,
      onBlockSuccess: () {
        // ignore: avoid_print
        print('block success!');

You can find a working example in the Example project.

Changelog #

Please see the Changelog page to know what's recently changed.

Contributions #

Feel free to contribute to this project.

If you find a bug or want a feature, but don't know how to fix/implement it, please fill an issue.
If you fixed a bug or implemented a new feature, please send a pull request.


  • Tests
  • Animations