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A fork of flutter_inappwebview made to work on Xcode 14 and iOS 16 betas

5.4.6 #

  • Fix podspec issue

5.4.5 #

  • Attempt to fix undefined main class

5.4.4 #

  • Fixed Flutter In App Webview not working on iOS 16 or Xcode 14 betas

5.4.3+7 #

  • Fixed possible Android java.lang.NullPointerException in "InAppBrowserActivity.onCreateOptionsMenu" about "webView.getTitle()"

5.4.3+6 #

  • Fixed "iOS flutter_inappwebview_quill/URLRequest.swift:13: Fatal error: Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value" #1173

5.4.3+5 #

  • Fixed possible java.lang.NullPointerException in Runnable of InputAwareWebView.setInputConnectionTarget method
  • Fixed "Android Crash in latest 5.4.3+4 - java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method java.lang.String android.webkit.WebView.getUrl()" #1168

5.4.3+4 #

  • Updated docs for ChromeSafariBrowser.open and throw error on iOS if the url parameter use a different scheme then http or https

5.4.3+3 #

  • Fixed "Android error: package org.jetbrains.annotations does not exist import org.jetbrains.annotations.NotNull;" #1166

5.4.3+2 #

  • Fixed "Latest version 5.4.3 crashes on Android" #1159

5.4.3+1 #

  • Try to fix "Latest version 5.4.3 crashes on Android" #1159

5.4.3 #

  • Added Bitwise OR operator support for AndroidActionModeMenuItem class

5.4.2+1 #

  • Try to fix "Latest version 5.4.2 crashes on Android - HeadlessInAppWebView.dispose" #1155

5.4.2 #

  • Added setActionButton method to ChromeSafariBrowser class

5.4.1+2 #

  • Fixed "Android ServiceWorkerControllerCompat.setServiceWorkerClient(null) makes Webivew Plugin Crashes" #1151

5.4.1+1 #

  • Fixed Android default context menu over custom context menu on API Level 31+

5.4.1 #

  • Managed iOS native detachFromEngine flutter plugin event and updated dispose methods
  • Updated Android native HeadlessInAppWebViewManager.dispose and HeadlessInAppWebView.dispose methods

5.4.0+3 #

  • Fixed Android error in some cases when calling setServiceWorkerClient java method on ServiceWorkerManager initialization

5.4.0+2 #

  • Fixed Android ChromeCustomTabsActivity not responding to the ActionBroadcastReceiver

5.4.0+1 #

  • Merged "[Android] Explicitly export for the receiver defined in AndroidManifest" #1147 (thanks to AlexV525)

5.4.0 #

  • getOriginalUrl method is cross-platform now
  • Updated Android compileSdkVersion to 31
  • Updated Flutter environment: sdk to >=2.14.0 <3.0.0 and flutter version to >=2.5.0
  • Added singleInstance option for Android ChromeSafariBrowser implementation
  • Added onDownloadStartRequest event and deprecated old onDownloadStart event
  • Added shareState Android option for ChromeSafariBrowser class
  • Added support for Android TWA (Trusted Web Activity)
  • Fixed missing onZoomScaleChanged call for InAppBrowser class
  • Fixed requestImageRef method always null on iOS
  • Fixed "applicationNameForUserAgent is not work in ios" #525
  • Fixed "Crash when try select file from webview input on Android" #867
  • Fixed "NavigationAction.request should use toMap method" #878
  • Fixed "Missing body field in URLRequest toMap method" #990
  • Fixed "iOS : createWindowAction.request.body in onCreateWindow() is NULL" #994
  • Fixed "Crash at HeadlessInAppWebView dispose" #881
  • Fixed "Crash happens when HeadlessInAppWebView's dispose function is called in iOS" #972
  • Fixed "In android, when click a href with img returns img src on onCreateWindow" #951
  • Fixed "crash at com.pichillilorenzo.flutter_inappwebview.in_app_webview.InAppWebView$11.run (InAppWebView.java:1307)" #1040
  • Fixed "Unexpected behavior when using a null initialUrlRequest" #1063
  • Fixed "Local storage & cookie didn't persist when sharedCookie and cache both enabled" #1092
  • Fixed "ios zoomBy crash: Foundation/NSNumber.swift:467: Fatal error: Unable to bridge NSNumber to Float" #873
  • Fixed "In App Browser Crashing in Android - Action Bar is null" #1137
  • Fixed "Cannot load Javascript on some Android devices - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'appendChild' of null" #888
  • Merged "Update Options.swift" #889 (thanks to cloudygeek)
  • Merged "fix: Applicatio nNameForUserAgent is not working in iOS" #1095 (thanks to sunalwaysknows)
  • Merged "Make sure we open a new instance of a custom chrome chrome tab" #812 (thanks to savy-91)
  • Merged "fix bug when in String[] array come null" #868 (thanks to Ser1ous)
  • Merged "fix: use in NavigationAction request toMap method" #879 (thanks to chreck)
  • Merged "switch android mockserver dependency with okhttp" #946 (thanks to randysecrist)
  • Merged "Adds missing body to URLRequest mapping." #991 (thanks to Miiha)
  • Merged "fix. Crash happens when HeadlessInAppWebView's dispose function is called in iOS" #1017 (thanks to hoanglm4)
  • Merged "Fixes URL returned when taping image with href in onCreateWindow [Android]" #1042 (thanks to Manuito83)
  • Merged "Fix Android Sometimes crash after close webpage and return to platform code." #1050 (thanks to rsydor)
  • Merged "Add application/wasm MimeType with InAppLocalhostServer" #1054 (thanks to foxstream528)
  • Merged "Fixed the unexpected behavior of InAppWebView and HeadlessInAppWebView when initialUrlRequest was set as null." #1064 (thanks to RodXander)
  • Merged "updated com.android.tools.build:gradle" #1066 (thanks to chownation)
  • Merged "WIP - expose content-disposition and content-length from android" #1088 (thanks to ashank96)
  • Merged "Fix ios persistance when using sharedCookie" #1093 (thanks to EA-YOUHOU)
  • Merged "Fixes zoomBy with floats (iOS)" #1109 (thanks to Manuito83)
  • Merged "Build on and support Android 12 SDK 31" #1111 (thanks to carloserazo47)
  • Merged "Fix takeScreenshot Crash on iOS" #1123 (thanks to a00012025)
  • Merged "Feature. Possibility to disable iOS above keyboard inputAccessoryView" #1124 (thanks to cutzmf)

5.3.2 #

  • Added onLoad and onError callbacks in ScriptHtmlTagAttributes class used by InAppWebViewController.injectJavascriptFileFromUrl
  • InAppWebViewController.injectJavascriptFileFromAsset returns a Future<dynamic> type now

5.3.1+1 #

  • Removed duplicate lib exports
  • Fixed some rare cases when iOS WKWebView scrollViewDidEndDragging event blocks the scroll gesture

5.3.1 #

  • Added support of allowingReadAccessTo iOS-specific WebView option for the WebView initialData parameter
  • Added iosAllowingReadAccessTo iOS-specific parameter to the loadData WebView method
  • Fixed "iOS webview showing blank page in specific URL" #776
  • Fixed "unable to access ApplicationDocumentsDirectory in real Ios devices" #748

5.3.0+1 #

  • Fixed "Android - Pull to refresh triggered when scrolling container inside a website" #765
  • Fixed "InAppWebViewController.getHitTestResult" wrong type mapping

5.3.0 #

  • Added initialSize property to the HeadlessInAppWebView class
  • Added setSize and getSize methods to the HeadlessInAppWebView class
  • androidOnScaleChanged WebView event is now deprecated. Use the new onZoomScaleChanged WebView event, that is available for both Android and iOS
  • getScale WebView method is now deprecated. Use the new getZoomScale WebView method
  • Removed final keyword for all HeadlessInAppWebView events
  • Fixed wrong usage of Android WebView scale property
  • Fixed "java.lang.NullPointerException: com.pichillilorenzo.flutter_inappwebview.in_app_webview.InAppWebViewRenderProcessClient$1.success(InAppWebViewRenderProcessClient.java:37)" #757
  • Fixed "In a multi-activity app, the plugin doesn't reattach to the first activity" #732
  • Fixed "ChromeSafariBrowser isn't calling its events, and not keeping track of isOpen properly" #759
  • Fixed Android ChromeSafariBrowser menu item callback not called because of PendingIntents extra were cached

5.2.1+1 #

  • Fixed iOS "Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value: file flutter_inappwebview_quill/WKUserContentController.swift, line 36" error when applePayAPIEnabled iOS-specific WebView option is enabled

5.2.1 #

  • Added isRunning method to the HeadlessInAppWebView class
  • Added isRunning method to the InAppLocalhostServer class
  • Added allowGoBackWithBackButton and shouldCloseOnBackButtonPressed Android-specific InAppBrowser options
  • Fixed iOS WebMessageListener javascript implementation not calling event listeners when onmessage is set
  • Fixed onCreateContextMenu event on Android where hitTestResult has always null values
  • Fixed "java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void android.widget.SearchView.setQuery(java.lang.CharSequence, boolean)' on a null object reference" #742
  • Fixed Android js error in some very rare case where window.flutter_inappwebview_quill is undefined when loading plugin scripts

5.2.0 #

  • Added WebMessageChannel and WebMessageListener features
  • Added canScrollVertically and canScrollHorizontally webview methods
  • Added Android pull-to-refresh setSize method and size option
  • Added onOverScrolled WebView event
  • AndroidInAppWebViewController.getCurrentWebViewPackage is available now starting from Android API 21+
  • Updated Android Gradle distributionUrl version to 5.6.4
  • Updated Android androidx.webkit:webkit to 1.4.0, androidx.browser:browser to 1.3.0, androidx.appcompat:appcompat to 1.2.0
  • Attempt to fix "InAppBrowserActivity.onCreate NullPointerException - Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String android.os.Bundle.getString(java.lang.String)' on a null object reference" #665
  • Fixed "[iOS] Application crashes when processing onCreateWindow" #579
  • Fixed wrong mapping of NavigationAction class on Android for androidHasGesture and androidIsRedirect properties
  • Fixed "Pull to refresh creating problem in some webpages on Android" #719
  • Fixed iOS sometimes scrollView.contentSize doesn't fit all the frame.size available
  • Fixed ajax and fetch interceptor when the data/body sent is not a string
  • Fixed "InAppLocalhostServer - Error: type 'List
  • Merged "fix proguard" #737 (thanks to myroid)


  • FetchRequest.body is a dynamic type now

5.1.0+4 #

  • Fixed "IOS scrolling crash the application" #707

5.1.0+3 #

  • Fixed "Unsupported operation: Platform._operatingSystem" when compiling for Web again #507

5.1.0+2 #

  • Fixed missing MATCH_PARENT layout params to the WebView on Android when it is wrapped by PullToRefreshLayout

5.1.0+1 #

  • Added a test for the pull-to-refresh feature when used on Android. It requires the useHybridComposition: true Android-specific option, otherwise it will throw an exception.

5.1.0 #

  • Added support for pull-to-refresh feature #395
  • Fixed issue not rendering WebView content when scrolling on iOS #703
  • Fixed InAppBrowser.openData method
  • InAppBrowser.initialUserScripts, InAppBrowser.id, HeadlessInAppWebView.id properties are final now

5.0.5+3 #

  • Fixed Android evaluateJavascript method when using contentWorld: ContentWorld.PAGE

5.0.5+2 #

  • Updated docs for iOS-specific options alwaysBounceVertical and alwaysBounceHorizontal

5.0.5+1 #

  • Fixed "No bounce in inappwebview iOS" #696

5.0.5 #

  • Updated Android WebChromeClient.getDefaultVideoPoster
  • Removed all the dependencies: uuid, device_info, intl, and mime

5.0.4-nullsafety.1 #

  • Added headers and statusCode properties to IOSURLResponse class

5.0.3-nullsafety.1 #

  • Fixed Android screenshot out of memory error
  • Fixed getFavicons WebView method

5.0.2-nullsafety.1 #

  • Fixed missing verticalScrollbarThumbColor, verticalScrollbarTrackColor, horizontalScrollbarThumbColor, horizontalScrollbarTrackColor Android-specific WebView options when calling native java setOptions() method on Android

5.0.1-nullsafety.1 #

  • Added verticalScrollbarThumbColor, verticalScrollbarTrackColor, horizontalScrollbarThumbColor, horizontalScrollbarTrackColor Android-specific WebView options
  • Fixed some null types and wrong casting

5.0.0-nullsafety.0 #

  • Added support for Dart null-safety feature
  • Added Android Hybrid Composition support "Use PlatformViewLink widget for Android WebView" #462 (thanks to plateaukao and tneotia)
  • Added allowUniversalAccessFromFileURLs and allowFileAccessFromFileURLs WebView options also for iOS (also thanks to liranhao)
  • Added limited cookies support on iOS below 11.0 using JavaScript
  • Added IOSCookieManager class and CookieManager.instance().ios.getAllCookies iOS-specific method
  • Added UserScript, UserScriptInjectionTime, ContentWorld, AndroidWebViewFeature, AndroidServiceWorkerController, AndroidServiceWorkerClient, ScreenshotConfiguration, IOSWKPDFConfiguration, URLRequest classes
  • Added initialUserScripts WebView option
  • Added addUserScript, addUserScripts, removeUserScript, removeUserScripts, removeUserScriptsByGroupName, removeAllUserScripts, callAsyncJavaScript, isSecureContext WebView methods
  • Added contentWorld argument to evaluateJavascript WebView method
  • Added isDirectionalLockEnabled, mediaType, pageZoom, limitsNavigationsToAppBoundDomains, useOnNavigationResponse, applePayAPIEnabled, allowingReadAccessTo, disableLongPressContextMenuOnLinks iOS-specific WebView options
  • Added handlesURLScheme, createPdf, createWebArchiveData iOS-specific WebView methods
  • Added iosOnNavigationResponse and iosShouldAllowDeprecatedTLS iOS-specific WebView events
  • Added iosAnimated optional argument to zoomBy WebView method
  • Added screenshotConfiguration optional argument to takeScreenshot WebView method
  • Added scriptHtmlTagAttributes optional argument to injectJavascriptFileFromUrl WebView method
  • Added cssLinkHtmlTagAttributes optional argument to injectCSSFileFromUrl WebView method
  • Added iosAllowingReadAccessTo iOS-specific optional argument to loadUrl WebView method
  • Added new iOS-specific attributes to ShouldOverrideUrlLoadingRequest and CreateWindowRequest classes
  • Added toolbarTopTranslucent, toolbarTopTintColor, toolbarBottomTintColor, toolbarTopBarTintColor ios-specific InAppBrowser options
  • Updated integration tests
  • Merged "Upgraded appcompat to 1.2.0-rc-02" #465 (thanks to andreidiaconu)
  • Merged "Added missing field 'headers' which returned by WebResourceResponse.toMap()" #490 (thanks to Doflatango)
  • Merged "Fix: added iOS fallback module import" #466 (thanks to Eddayy)
  • Merged "Fix NullPointerException after taking a photo by a camera app on Android" #492 (thanks to AAkira)
  • Merged "iOS CookieManager.getCookies - Check that URL has suffix of cookie do…" #658 (thanks to arneke)
  • Merged "Add NTLM Auth" #634 (thanks to albatrosify)
  • Merged "iOS ChromeSafariBrowserManager - Fixing unnecessary casting of rootViewController to FlutterViewController" #567 (thanks to gunantosteven)
  • Merged "Fix _channel.invokeMethod name for injectCSSFileFromUrl method" #645 (thanks to omralcrt)
  • Merged "Add android media intents on wildcard input accept" #620 (thanks to cbodin)
  • Merged "Add ChromeSafariBrowser support for Android 11" #538 (thanks to DRSchlaubi)
  • Merged "fix(iOS): missing implementation of method zoomBy" #670 (thanks to pcqpcq)
  • Merged "[mod] Fix all issues relate to long click in Android version 7.0 (#657, #527)" #671 (thanks to MrNinja)
  • Merged "Fix ViewGroup.removeView NullPointerException (#450)" #683 (thanks to toda-bps)
  • Fixed missing properties initialization when using InAppWebViewController.fromInAppBrowser
  • Fixed "Issue in Flutter web: 'Unsupported operation: Platform._operatingSystem'" #507
  • Fixed "window.flutter_inappwebview_quill.callHandler is not a function" #218
  • Fixed "Android ContentBlocker - java.lang.NullPointerException ContentBlockerTrigger resource type" #506
  • Fixed "Android CookieManager throws error caused by websites that are sending back illegal/invalid cookies." #476
  • Fixed missing clearHistory webview method implementation on Android
  • Fixed iOS crash when using CookieManager getCookies for an URL and the host URL is null
  • Fixed "IOS does not support allowUniversalAccessFromFileURLs" #654
  • Fixed "Failed to load WebView provider: No WebView installed" #642
  • Fixed "java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: wss - Error using library sipml5 in flutter_inappwebview_quill" #614
  • Fixed "Android 10 clipboard not working properly" #678 (thanks to armadastate)


  • Minimum Flutter version required is 1.22.2 and Dart SDK >=2.12.0-0 <3.0.0
  • iOS Xcode version >= 12
  • allowUniversalAccessFromFileURLs and allowFileAccessFromFileURLs WebView options moved from Android-specific options to cross-platform options
  • Added callAsyncJavaScript name to the list of javaScriptHandlerForbiddenNames
  • Moved saveWebArchive WebView method from Android-specific to cross-platform
  • Moved progressBar InAppBroswer from Android-specific option to cross-platform option and renamed to hideProgressBar
  • Renamed HttpAuthChallenge to URLAuthenticationChallenge
  • Updated basicConstraints, subjectKeyIdentifier, authorityKeyIdentifier, certificatePolicies, cRLDistributionPoints, authorityInfoAccess attributes type of X509Certificate
  • Updated "WebView.storyboard" for InAppBrowser iOS representation
  • Renamed ShouldOverrideUrlLoadingAction class to NavigationActionPolicy
  • Renamed ProtectionSpace class to URLProtectionSpace
  • Renamed ProtectionSpaceHttpAuthCredentials to URLProtectionSpaceHttpAuthCredentials
  • Renamed CreateWindowRequest class to CreateWindowAction
  • Renamed initialUrl to initialUrlRequest WebView attribute and made it of type URLRequest
  • Renamed toolbarTop InAppBrowser cross-platform option to hideToolbarTop
  • Renamed toolbarBottom InAppBrowser ios-specific option to hideToolbarBottom
  • Removed debuggingEnabled WebView option; on Android you should use now the AndroidInAppWebViewController.setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled(bool debuggingEnabled) static method; on iOS, debugging is always enabled
  • Removed androidOnRequestFocus event because it is never called
  • Removed initialHeaders WebView attribute. Use URLRequest.headers attribute
  • Removed headers argument from loadFile WebView method
  • Removed headers argument from openFile InAppBrowser method
  • Removed headers argument from loadUrl WebView method, renamed the url argument to urlRequest and made it of type URLRequest
  • Removed headers argument from openFile InAppBrowser method
  • Removed headers argument from openUrl InAppBrowser method, renamed the url argument to urlRequest and made it of type URLRequest
  • Removed fallback argument from ChromeSafariBrowser constructor. Check for availability of ChromeSafariBrowser if you want show one or the other.
  • Removed scheme argument from onLoadResourceCustomScheme WebView event. Use the Uri url parameter now.
  • Removed ShouldOverrideUrlLoadingRequest class and replaced with NavigationAction
  • Changed zoomBy WebView method signature
  • Changed type of urlFile argument of injectCSSFileFromUrl WebView method to Uri
  • Changed type of urlFile argument of injectJavascriptFileFromUrl WebView method to Uri
  • Changed return type of getOriginalUrl Android-specific WebView method to Uri
  • Changed return type of getSafeBrowsingPrivacyPolicyUrl Android-specific WebView method to Uri
  • Changed type of url argument of onLoadStart, onLoadStop, onLoadError, onLoadHttpError, onLoadResourceCustomScheme, onUpdateVisitedHistory, onPrint, onPageCommitVisible, androidOnSafeBrowsingHit, androidOnRenderProcessUnresponsive, androidOnRenderProcessResponsive, androidOnFormResubmission, androidOnReceivedTouchIconUrl WebView events to Uri
  • Changed type of baseUrl and androidHistoryUrl arguments of loadData WebView method and openData InAppBrowser method
  • Changed openUrl InAppBrowser method to openUrlRequest
  • Changed type of url argument of openWithSystemBrowser InAppBrowser method to Uri
  • Changed all InAppBrowser color options type from String to Color
  • Changed all ChromeSafariBrowser color options type from String to Color
  • Updated attributes of ShouldOverrideUrlLoadingRequest, ServerTrustChallenge and ClientCertChallenge classes
  • Changed type of url attribute to Uri for JsAlertRequest, JsAlertConfirm, JsPromptRequest classes

4.0.0+4 #

  • Reverted calling handler.post on Android when a WebView is created
  • Fixed iOS extra bottom padding when opening the keyboard
  • Fixed "Build for web not working – The integer literal 9223372036854775807 can't be represented exactly in JavaScript" #429
  • Fixed iOS userContentController didReceive WKScriptMessage event when using a WebView created with a windowId

4.0.0 #

  • Updated onCreateWindow, onJsAlert, onJsConfirm, onJsPrompt webview events
  • Added onCloseWindow, onTitleChanged, onWindowFocus, onWindowBlur webview events
  • Added androidOnRequestFocus, androidOnReceivedIcon, androidOnReceivedTouchIconUrl, androidOnJsBeforeUnload, androidOnReceivedLoginRequest Android-specific webview events
  • Added disableDefaultErrorPage Android-specific webview option
  • Added isAvailable ChromeSafariBrowser static method
  • Fixed "SFSafariViewController doesn't open like a native iOS modal" #403


  • Updated onCreateWindow, onJsAlert, onJsConfirm, onJsPrompt webview event
  • Renamed OnCreateWindowRequest class to CreateWindowRequest

3.4.0+2 #

  • Reverted default InAppWebView.gestureRecognizers value to null on Android

3.4.0+1 #

  • Updated README.md
  • Updated missing docs
  • Fixed pub.dev Health suggestions and Analysis suggestions

3.4.0 #

  • Added requestFocusNodeHref, requestImageRef, getMetaTags, getMetaThemeColor, getScrollX, getScrollY, getCertificate webview methods
  • Added WebStorage, LocalStorage and SessionStorage class to manage window.localStorage and window.sessionStorage JavaScript Web Storage API
  • Added supportZoom webview option also on iOS
  • Added HttpOnly, SameSite cookie options
  • Updated Cookie class
  • Added animated option to scrollTo and scrollBy webview methods
  • Added error and message to the ServerTrustChallenge class for iOS (class used by the onReceivedServerTrustAuthRequest event)
  • Added contentInsetAdjustmentBehavior webview iOS-specific option
  • Added copy methods for webview options class
  • Added SslCertificate class and X509Certificate class and parser
  • Added values property for all the custom Enums
  • Updated Android workaround to hide the Keyboard when the user click outside on something not focusable such as input or a textarea.
  • Fixed zoomBy, setOptions webview methods on Android
  • Fixed databaseEnabled android webview option default value to true
  • Fixed verticalScrollBarEnabled and horizontalScrollBarEnabled on Android
  • Fixed error caused by pauseTimers on iOS when the WebView has been disposed
  • Fixed ignoresViewportScaleLimits, dataDetectorTypes, suppressesIncrementalRendering, selectionGranularity iOS-specific option when used in initialOptions
  • Fixed getFavicons method
  • Fixed HttpAuthCredentialDatabase.removeHttpAuthCredential on Android
  • Fixed some cases where takeScreenshot was not working on Android
  • Fixed After upgrade to Android embedding V2, still get Shared.activity is null / NullPointerException on android.content.Context.getResources() #390


  • evaluateJavascript webview method now returns null on iOS if the evaluated JavaScript source returns null
  • getHtml webview method now could return null if it was unable to get it.
  • Moved supportZoom webview option to cross-platform
  • builtInZoomControls android webview options changed default value to true
  • Updated ServerTrustChallenge class used by the onReceivedServerTrustAuthRequest event
  • The method getOptions could return null now
  • Updated HttpAuthCredentialDatabase.getAllAuthCredentials method return type

3.3.0+3 #

  • Updated Android build.gradle version and some androidx properties
  • Fixed Multiple sessions #371
  • Fixed incognito mode is broken swift #320

3.3.0 #

  • Updated API docs
  • Updated Android context menu workaround
  • Calling onCreateContextMenu event on iOS also when the context menu is disabled in order to have the same effect as Android
  • Added options attribute to ContextMenu class and created ContextMenuOptions class
  • Added Android keyboard workaround to hide the keyboard when clicking other HTML elements, losing the focus on the previous input
  • Added onEnterFullscreen, onExitFullscreen webview events #275
  • Added Android support to use camera on HTML inputs that requires it, such as <input type="file" accept="image/*" capture> #353
  • Added overScrollMode, networkAvailable, scrollBarStyle, verticalScrollbarPosition, scrollBarDefaultDelayBeforeFade, scrollbarFadingEnabled, scrollBarFadeDuration, rendererPriorityPolicy, useShouldInterceptRequest, useOnRenderProcessGone webview options on Android
  • Added pageDown, pageUp, saveWebArchive, zoomIn, zoomOut, clearHistory webview methods on Android
  • Added getCurrentWebViewPackage static webview method on Android
  • Added setContextMenu, clearFocus methods to webview controller
  • Added onPageCommitVisible webview event
  • Added androidShouldInterceptRequest, androidOnRenderProcessUnresponsive, androidOnRenderProcessResponsive, androidOnRenderProcessGone, androidOnFormResubmission, androidOnScaleChanged Android events
  • Added toString() method to various classes in order to have a better output instead of simply Instance of ...
  • Fixed Print preview is not working? java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can print only from an activity #128
  • Fixed onJsAlert, onJsConfirm, onJsPrompt for InAppBrowser on Android
  • Fixed onActivityResult for InAppBrowser on Android
  • Fixed InAppBrowser.openWithSystemBrowser crash on iOS #358
  • Fixed Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.util.Set java.util.HashMap.entrySet()' on a null object reference #367
  • Fixed missing allowsAirPlayForMediaPlayback iOS webview options implementation


  • Android clearClientCertPreferences, getSafeBrowsingPrivacyPolicyUrl, setSafeBrowsingWhitelist webview methods are static now
  • Removed iOS event onDidCommit; it has been renamed to onPageCommitVisible and made cross-platform
  • contextMenu webview attribute is final now

3.2.0 #

  • Added ContextMenu and ContextMenuItem classes #235
  • Added onCreateContextMenu, onHideContextMenu, onContextMenuActionItemClicked context menu events
  • Added contextMenu to WebView
  • Added disableContextMenu WebView option
  • Added getSelectedText, getHitTestResult methods to WebView Controller
  • Fixed Confirmation dialog (onbeforeunload) displayed after popped from webview page #337
  • Fixed CookieManager.setCookie expiresDate option
  • Fixed Scrolling not smooth on iOS #341


  • Renamed LongPressHitTestResult to InAppWebViewHitTestResult.
  • Renamed LongPressHitTestResultType to InAppWebViewHitTestResultType.

3.1.0 #

  • Added HeadlessInAppWebView class to be able to use WebView in headless mode
  • Added close, addMenuItem, addMenuItems methods to ChromeSafariBrowser
  • Added ChromeSafariBrowserMenuItem class in order to create custom menu item for ChromeSafariBrowser
  • Fixed InAppWebView.channel null when used by InAppBrowserActivity on android
  • Fixed iOS presentationStyle affecting only dismiss animation #305


  • Renamed InAppWebViewWidgetOptions to InAppWebViewGroupOptions.

3.0.0 #

  • Added Promise javascript polyfill for webviews that doesn't support it for window.flutter_inappwebview_quill.callHandler
  • Added getDefaultUserAgent static method to InAppWebViewController
  • Added onUpdateVisitedHistory, onPrint, onLongPressHitTestResult event
  • Added androidOnGeolocationPermissionsHidePrompt event for Android webview
  • Added iosOnWebContentProcessDidTerminate, iosOnDidCommit, iosOnDidReceiveServerRedirectForProvisionalNavigation events for iOS webview
  • Added supportMultipleWindows webview option for Android
  • Added regexToCancelSubFramesLoading webview option for Android to cancel subframe requests on shouldOverrideUrlLoading event based on a Regular Expression
  • Added getContentHeight, zoomBy, printCurrentPage, getScale methods
  • Added getOriginalUrl webview method for Android
  • Added reloadFromOrigin, hasOnlySecureContent webview methods for iOS
  • Added automaticallyAdjustsScrollIndicatorInsets, accessibilityIgnoresInvertColors, decelerationRate, alwaysBounceVertical, alwaysBounceHorizontal, scrollsToTop, isPagingEnabled, maximumZoomScale, minimumZoomScale webview options for iOS
  • Added WebStorageManager class which manages the web storage used by WebView instances
  • Added packageName #229 and keepAliveEnabled ChromeCustomTab options for Android
  • Updated for Flutter 1.12 new Java Embedding API (Android)
  • Updated clearCache for Android
  • Updated default value for domStorageEnabled and databaseEnabled options to true for Android
  • Merged "Fixes null error when calling getOptions for InAppBrowser class" #214 (thanks to panndoraBoo)
  • Merged "Fixes crash onConsoleMessage iOS forced unwrapping" #228 (thanks to tokonu)
  • Merged "Fix HTTPCookie.secure" #311 (thanks to xtyxtyx)
  • Merged "Fix config options for Android release builds" #295 (thanks to wwwdata)
  • Merged "fix scrollbar on iOS always show if not disable scroll" #256 (thanks to phamnhuvu-dev)
  • Merged "Fix crash on nil/invalid URL (iOS)" #262 (thanks to AlexVincent525)
  • Merged "Fix crash when prompt was called on Android Q." #262 (thanks to AlexVincent525)
  • Fix for Android and iOS InAppBrowser for some controller methods not exposed.
  • Fixed "App Crashes after clicking on dropdown (Using inappwebview)" #182
  • Fixed "webview can not be released when in ios" #225. Now the iOS WebView is released from memory when it is disposed from Flutter.
  • Fixed "Setting of presentationStyle not working on iOS" #213
  • Fixed "Android zoom issues" #270


  • Updated shouldOverrideUrlLoading event:
    • the url parameter has been moved inside an instance of ShouldOverrideUrlLoadingRequest class
    • it has a return type ShouldOverrideUrlLoadingAction to allow or cancel navigation instead of cancel every time the request
  • Renamed onTargetBlank to onCreateWindow
  • Deleted useOnTargetBlank webview option
  • Making methods available only for the specific platform more explicit: moved all the webview's controller methods for Android inside controller.android and all the webview's controller methods for iOS inside controller.ios
  • Making events available only for the specific platform more explicit:
    • Renamed onSafeBrowsingHit to androidOnSafeBrowsingHit
    • Renamed onGeolocationPermissionsShowPrompt to androidOnGeolocationPermissionsShowPrompt
    • Renamed onPermissionRequest to androidOnPermissionRequest
  • Updated attribute names for InAppWebViewWidgetOptions, InAppBrowserClassOptions and ChromeSafariBrowserClassOptions classes
  • Renamed and updated onNavigationStateChange to onUpdateVisitedHistory
  • Renamed all iOS and Android webview options class
  • Renamed Chrome Custom Tab addShareButton option to addDefaultShareMenuItem
  • Renamed ChromeSafariBrowser onLoaded to onCompletedInitialLoad

2.1.0+1 #

  • Fix docs

2.1.0 #

  • Added pause and resume methods for Android.
  • Added pauseTimers and resumeTimers methods.
  • Added new historyUrl optional parameter for loadData and openData methods and InAppWebViewInitialData class. It is used only on Android.
  • Fix "problems with onReceivedHttpAuthRequest when initialData is used" #201
  • Fix "System ui (status bar and navigation bar) doesn't hide automatically" #202

2.0.1+1 #

  • Fixed error "java.lang.ClassCastException: $Proxy1 cannot be cast to android.view.WindowManagerImpl" on Android when using native alert dialogs

2.0.1 #

  • Added onPermissionRequest event. This event is fired when the webview is requesting permission to access the specified resources and the permission currently isn't granted or denied (available only on Android).

2.0.0 #

  • Merged "Avoid null pointer exception after webview is disposed" #116 (thanks to robsonfingo)
  • Merged "Remove async call in close" #119 (thanks to benfingo)
  • Merged "Android takeScreenshot does not work properly." #122 (thanks to PauloMelo)
  • Merged "Resolving gradle error." #144 (thanks to Klingens13)
  • Merged "Create issue and pull request templates" #150 (thanks to deandreamatias)
  • Merged "Fix abstract method error && swift version error" #155 (thanks to AlexVincent525)
  • Merged "migrating to swift 5.0" #162 (thanks to fattiger00)
  • Merged "Update readme example" #178 (thanks to SebastienBtr)
  • Merged "handle choose file callback in android" #183 (thanks to crazecoder)
  • Merged "add initialScale in android" #186 (thanks to crazecoder)
  • Added horizontalScrollBarEnabled and verticalScrollBarEnabled options to enable/disable the corresponding scrollbar of the WebView #165
  • Added onDownloadStart event and useOnDownloadStart option: event fires when the WebView recognizes and starts a downloadable file.
  • Added onLoadResourceCustomScheme event and resourceCustomSchemes option to set custom schemes that WebView must handle to load resources
  • Added onTargetBlank event and useOnTargetBlank option to manage links with target="_blank"
  • Added ContentBlocker, ContentBlockerTrigger and ContentBlockerAction classes and the contentBlockers option that allows to define a set of rules to use to block content in the WebView
  • Added new WebView options: minimumFontSize, debuggingEnabled, preferredContentMode, applicationNameForUserAgent, incognito, cacheEnabled, disableVerticalScroll, disableHorizontalScroll
  • Added new Android WebView options: allowContentAccess, allowFileAccess, allowFileAccessFromFileURLs, allowUniversalAccessFromFileURLs, appCachePath, blockNetworkImage, blockNetworkLoads, cacheMode, cursiveFontFamily, defaultFixedFontSize, defaultFontSize, defaultTextEncodingName, disabledActionModeMenuItems, fantasyFontFamily, fixedFontFamily, forceDark, geolocationEnabled, layoutAlgorithm, loadWithOverviewMode, loadsImagesAutomatically, minimumLogicalFontSize, needInitialFocus, offscreenPreRaster, sansSerifFontFamily, serifFontFamily, standardFontFamily, saveFormData, thirdPartyCookiesEnabled, hardwareAcceleration
  • Added new iOS WebView options: isFraudulentWebsiteWarningEnabled, selectionGranularity, dataDetectorTypes, sharedCookiesEnabled
  • Added onGeolocationPermissionsShowPrompt event and GeolocationPermissionShowPromptResponse class (available only for Android)
  • Added startSafeBrowsing, setSafeBrowsingWhitelist and getSafeBrowsingPrivacyPolicyUrl methods (available only for Android)
  • Added clearSslPreferences and clearClientCertPreferences methods (available only for Android)
  • Added onSafeBrowsingHit event (available only for Android)
  • Added onJsAlert, onJsConfirm and onJsPrompt events to manage javascript popup dialogs
  • Added onReceivedHttpAuthRequest event
  • Added clearCache, scrollTo, scrollBy, getHtml, injectJavascriptFileFromAsset and injectCSSFileFromAsset methods method
  • Added HttpAuthCredentialDatabase class
  • Added onReceivedServerTrustAuthRequest and onReceivedClientCertRequest events to manage SSL requests
  • Added onFindResultReceived event, findAllAsync, findNext and clearMatches methods
  • Added shouldInterceptAjaxRequest, onAjaxReadyStateChange, onAjaxProgress and shouldInterceptFetchRequest events with useShouldInterceptAjaxRequest and useShouldInterceptFetchRequest webview options
  • Added onNavigationStateChange and onLoadHttpError events
  • Fun: added getTRexRunnerHtml and getTRexRunnerCss methods to get html (with javascript) and css to recreate the Chromium's t-rex runner game


  • Deleted WebResourceRequest class
  • Updated WebResourceResponse class
  • Updated ConsoleMessage class
  • Updated ConsoleMessageLevel class
  • Updated onLoadResource event
  • Updated CookieManager class
  • WebView options are now available with the new corresponding classes: InAppWebViewOptions, AndroidInAppWebViewOptions, iOSInAppWebViewOptions, InAppBrowserOptions, AndroidInAppBrowserOptions, iOSInAppBrowserOptions, AndroidChromeCustomTabsOptions and iOSSafariOptions
  • Renamed getFavicon to getFavicons, now it returns a list of all favicons (List<Favicon>) found
  • Renamed injectScriptFile to injectJavascriptFileFromUrl
  • Renamed injectScriptCode to evaluateJavascript
  • Renamed injectStyleCode to injectCSSCode
  • Renamed injectStyleFile to injectCSSFileFromUrl

1.2.2 #

  • Merged "added a shared WKProcessPool for webview instances" #198 (thanks to robertcnst)
  • Fixed iOS setCookie.

1.2.1 #

  • Merged "Add new option to control the contentMode in Android platform" #101 (thanks to DreamBuddy)
  • Merged "Fix crash on xcode 10.2" #107 (thanks to robsonfingo)
  • Merged "Remove headers_build_phase from example's Podfile" #108 (thanks to robsonfingo)
  • Fixed "Make html5 video fullscreen" for Android #43
  • Fixed "AllowsInlineMediaPlayback not working" for iOS #73

1.2.0 #

  • Merged "Adds a transparentBackground option for iOS and Android" #86 (thanks to matthewlloyd)
  • Merged "The 'open' method requires an options dictionary" #87 (thanks to matthewlloyd)
  • Merged "iOS: Call setNeedsLayout() in scrollViewDidScroll()" #88 (thanks to matthewlloyd)
  • Fixed "java.lang.RuntimeException: Methods marked with @UiThread must be executed on the main thread." #98 (thanks to DreamBuddy)
  • Fixed "app force close/crash when enabling zoom and repeatedly changing orientation and zoomin zoomout" #93
  • Added displayZoomControls webview option for Android
  • Fixed "Compatibility with other plugins" #80

1.1.3 #

  • Merged "Add null checks around calls to InAppWebView callbacks" #85 (thanks to matthewlloyd)

1.1.2 #

  • Fix InAppBrowser crashes the app when i change the page "Lost connection" #74
  • Fix javascript ...args parameter of window.flutter_inappwebview_quill.callHandler()
  • Merged Enable setTextZoom function of Android WebViewSetting #81 (thanks to YouCii)
  • Merged bug fix for android build: Android dependency 'androidx.core:core' has different version for the compile (1.0.0) and runtime (1.0.1) classpath #83 (thanks to cinos1)

1.1.1 #

  • Fixed README.md and addJavaScriptHandler method documentation

1.1.0 #

  • Breaking change for addJavaScriptHandler and removeJavaScriptHandler methods.
  • addJavaScriptHandler method can return data to JavaScript using Promise #46
  • added flutterInAppBrowserPlatformReady JavaScript event to wait until the platform is ready #64

1.0.1 #

  • Fixed Unable to load initialFile on iOS #56
  • Some code cleanup

1.0.0 #

Breaking changes:

0.6.0 #

  • added support for iOS inline native WebView integrated in the flutter widget tree
  • updated example folder (thanks to marquesinijatinha)
  • Fixed bug where passing null to expiresDate failed (thanks to Sense545)
  • Fixed iOS error: encode resourceURL (thanks to igtm)
  • Fixed iOS error: Double value cannot be converted to Int because the result would be greater than Int.max in 32-bit devices (thanks to huzhiren)
  • Fixed iOS error: problem in ChromeSafariBrowser (thanks to marquesinijatinha)
  • Fixed Android build error caused by gradle and build gradle versions (thanks to tje3d)
  • Updated uuid dependency to ^2.0.0

0.5.51 #

  • updated pubspec.yaml
  • updated README.md

0.5.5 #

  • added getUrl method for the InAppWebViewController class
  • added getTitle method for the InAppWebViewController class
  • added getProgress method for the InAppWebViewController class
  • added getFavicon method for the InAppWebViewController class
  • added onScrollChanged event for the InAppWebViewController and InAppBrowser class
  • added onBrowserCreated event for the InAppBrowser class
  • added openData method for the InAppBrowser class
  • added initialData property for the InAppWebView widget

0.5.4 #

  • added WebHistory and WebHistoryItem class
  • added getCopyBackForwardList, goBackOrForward, canGoBackOrForward and goTo methods for the InAppWebViewController class

0.5.3 #

  • added CookieManager class

0.5.2 #

  • fixed some missing result.success() on Android and iOS
  • added postUrl() method for the InAppWebViewController class
  • added loadData() method for the InAppWebViewController class

0.5.1 #

  • updated README.md

0.5.0 #

  • added initial support for Inline WebViews using the InAppWebView widget
  • added InAppBrowser.openFile() method
  • added InAppBrowser.onProgressChanged() event
  • moved InAppBrowser WebView related functions on the InAppWebViewController class
  • added InAppLocalhostServer class
  • added InAppWebView.canGoBack() and InAppWebView.canGoForward() methods
  • removed openWithSystemBrowser and isLocalFile option. Now use the corresponding method
  • code refactoring

0.4.1 #

  • added InAppBrowser.takeScreenshot()
  • added InAppBrowser.setOptions()
  • added InAppBrowser.getOptions()

0.4.0 #

  • removed target parameter to InAppBrowser.open() method. To open the url on the system browser, use the openWithSystemBrowser: true option
  • fixes for the _ChannelManager private class
  • fixed EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION onLoadStart in Swift
  • added openWithSystemBrowser and isLocalFile options
  • added InAppBrowser.openWithSystemBrowser method
  • added InAppBrowser.openOnLocalhost method
  • added InAppBrowser.loadFile method
  • added InAppBrowser.isOpened method

0.3.2 #

  • fixed WebView.storyboard path for iOS

0.3.1 #

  • fixed README.md example

0.3.0 #

  • fixed WebView.storyboard to deployment target 8.0
  • added InAppBrowser.onLoadResource() method. The event fires when the InAppBrowser webview loads a resource
  • added InAppBrowser.addJavaScriptHandler() and InAppBrowser.removeJavaScriptHandler() methods to add/remove javascript message handlers
  • removed keyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction from iOS available options
  • now the url parameter of InAppBrowser.open() is optional. The default value is about:blank

0.2.1 #

  • added InAppBrowser.onConsoleMessage() method to manage console messages
  • fixed InAppBrowser.injectScriptCode() method when there is not a return value

0.2.0 #

  • added support of Chrome CustomTabs for Android
  • added support of SFSafariViewController for iOS
  • added the ability to create multiple instances of browsers

0.1.1 #

  • updated/added new methods
  • updated UI of android/iOS in-app browser
  • code cleanup
  • added new options when opening the in-app browser

0.0.1 #

Initial release.

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