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A collection of widgets and slivers that helps bringing hierarchical data to life.

[1.4.1] 04-10-2023 #

  • Revert v1.4.0 change to collapseCascading(). The change broke non-cascading animations

[1.4.0] 04-10-2023 #

  • Added TreeController.search() + filtering example
  • Added a way to limit the depth of the tree. Checkout IndentGuide.maxLevel
  • Fixed collapseCascading() when used with an animated tree would only animate the first level and the other levels would just vanish immediately
  • Deprecated (Descend|Return)Condition in favor of ValuePredicate
  • Deprecated alwaysReturnsTrue and alwaysReturnsFalse

[1.3.0] 13-09-2023 #

  • Added pub topics to pubspec.yaml
  • Indentation Improvements:
    • Added a way to apply dashing algorithms to the indentation lines through AbstractLineGuide.pathModifier
    • Added an optional connection between the line of a parent node and its subtree lines with ConnectingLinesGuide.connectBranches
    • Added the IndentGuide.padding property, which is added to the Padding widget that indents tree nodes
    • Fixed an issue with rounded corners being mistakenly offset by ConnectingLinesGuide.origin

[1.2.0] 18-08-2023 #

  • Upgrade to Dart 3
  • Rudimentary Drag and Drop support

[1.1.1] 04-04-2023 #

  • Fix an issue that caused some nodes to lose line hierarchy when the tree structure changes (e.g., node added/removed/reordered).

[1.1.0] 24-03-2023 #

  • Fix refresh issue on controller change
  • TreeController improvements
    • Added: breadthFirstSearch()
    • Added: expandAll(), collapseAll(), isTreeExpanded, isTreeCollapsed, areAllRootsExpanded, areAllRootsCollapsed

[1.0.0] 20-03-2023 #

⚠️ Warning: Major Rewrite #

Please, treat this version as a whole new package. Migrating from previous versions is discouraged as the package went through a major rewrite and has many breaking changes.


  • Dynamic "TreeNode" modeling through callbacks
  • IndentGuides indentation decorations API
  • SliverTree and SliverAnimatedTree slivers
  • AnimatedTreeView widget
  • TreeEntry tree node details object


  • Renamed TreeViewController to TreeController
    • Removed: find(), shouldRefresh(), nodeRefreshed(), refreshNode(), reset(), nodeAt(), isVisible(), indexOf(), expandAll(), collapseAll(), useBinarySearch, rootNode, visibleNodes, expandedNodes
    • Renamed methods:
      • expandNode -> expand
      • collapseNode -> collapse
      • toggleExpanded -> toggleExpansion
      • expandSubtree -> expandCascading
      • collapseSubtree -> collapseCascading
      • expandUntil -> expandAncestors
      • isExpanded -> getExpansionState
    • Added: roots, childrenProvider(), setExpansionState(), rebuild(), depthFirstTraversal()
  • NodeWidgetLeadingIcon was rewritten as FolderButton


  • Removed nodeHeight from TreeView (fixed height not required anymore)
  • Removed TreeViewControllerBase
  • Removed TreeNode and TreeNodeScope
  • Removed NodeWidget as it was just a wrapper around InkWell + Row
  • Removed ExpandNodeIcon as it was just a wrapper around ExpandIcon
  • Removed TreeViewTheme, LinesWidget, LinesPainter and TreeLine in favor of the new IndentGuide + TreeIndentation API.

[0.5.3+2] 01-10-2022 #

[0.5.3+1] 12-08-2022 #

[0.5.3] 09-08-2022 #

[0.5.2] 29-06-2022 #

[0.5.1+1] 10-06-2021 #

  • Fixes logic that marks nodes to refresh

    Before only child nodes were getting marked as needing refresh, causing the grand children and it's subtrees not to refresh, breaking lines hierarchy.

[0.5.1] 10-06-2021 #

  • Adds new refreshNode Feature to [TreeViewController]

  • Updates TreeNode's [delete] and [clearChildren] logic

  • Adds linesToBeDrawn check in shouldRepaint of [LinesPainter]

  • New example App UI

[0.5.0] 30-05-2021 #

Reverts most changes from 0.4.0 #

  • Removing the TreeViewController made nodes inside a different page or in a drawer to lose their state.

    • TreeViewController is back, all logic from _TreeViewState got moved back to it.
  • Merged the utils methods into TreeNode (ancestors, descendants, ...).

  • The TreeView no longer auto scrolls nodes.

    • Now scrolling has to be done by the user.

[0.4.0] 17-05-2021 #

Simplification of the TreeView API. #

  • Dropped TreeViewController and merged it's logic into [TreeViewState] to make the code less 'spaghetti'. Instead of the controller, use a [GlobalKey

    • Made [TreeViewState] not private anymore.
  • New scrolling functionality.

    • Added [scrollController] optional property to [TreeView].

    • Added [shouldAutoScroll] property to [TreeView].

    • Added [scrollTo] method to [TreeViewState].

  • Renamed ScopedTreeNode to TreeNodeScope.

  • Renamed InheritedTreeView to _TreeViewScope.

  • Removed reversedSubtreeGenerator from utils.dart as it was not being used.

[0.3.1] 16-04-2021 #

  • Implemented rounded corners for connected lines.

[0.3.0] 15-04-2021 #

  • [ExpandNodeIcon] and [NodeWidgetLeadingIcon] are able to expand/collapse leaf nodes.

  • [TreeNode.children] changed from [List] to [Set] to avoid duplicate children.

  • The [TreeViewController] received a new callback.

    • The new onAboutToExpand is useful to dynamically populate the [TreeView].
  • Some performance improvements when expanding/collapsing nodes.

[0.2.1] 11-04-2021 #

  • Added useBinarySearch option to TreeViewController.

  • Many performance improvements by reducing the amount of loops that expandNode and collapseNode took.

[0.2.0] 31-03-2021 #

  • Stable null safety release.

  • Refactoring of the entire API:

    • The old API was very "janky" with AnimatedList, TreeView now uses ListView.custom under the hood.

    • New InheritedTreeView inherited widget is used under the hood to get access to TreeViewController and TreeViewTheme from TreeView.of() method.

    • New ScopedTreeNode inherited widget, to get a TreeNode from anywhere under it in the widget tree, every TreeNode has its own ScopedTreeNode.

    • New NodeWidgetLeadingIcon for a folder/file icon approach.

    • The TreeViewController is now a ChangeNotifier, to talk to TreeView more easily.

    • TreeNode received a delete() method that removes it from the tree and clear its relationships.

  • Extracted the main implementation of TreeViewController to a base class to be able to change the expansion of a node without notifying listeners.

    • Added some tests to TreeViewControllerBase.
  • Updated NodeWidget to a Row instead of a ListTile

    • ListTile had some errors when using LinesWidget as leading.
  • Dropped support for selecting/disabling nodes as it was getting very complicated and "hacky" to manage.

  • Dropped TreeLine.link as it was complicating the indentation of nodes.

  • Plus Many upgrades and fixes.

[0.1.0-nullsafety.0] 12-02-2021 #

  • First release.
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A collection of widgets and slivers that helps bringing hierarchical data to life.

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