flutter_face_detection 0.1.0

Flutter Android iOS

Face detection for Flutter apps.

Flutter Face Detection #

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Screenshot #


Features #

  • Finds face mid-points, eye positions, and face poses in images.

Compatibility #

Android only, at present. (iOS support is planned.)

Examples #

Detecting faces in a static image #

import 'package:flutter_face_detection/flutter_face_detection.dart';

var photo = Image.asset("images/einstein.png");

var bitmap = Bitmap.fromAssetImage(photo.image as AssetImage);
var detector = FaceDetector(width: 280, height: 396);

for (var face in await detector.findFaces(bitmap)) {
  print("Found a face at (${face.midPoint.x}, ${face.midPoint.y}) with confidence ${face.confidence}");

Caveats #

  • At present, iOS is not supported. This will be addressed in a future major release.