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An extension package to flutter_data that adds End-To-End-Encryption to all requests

flutter_data_sodium #

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An extension package to flutter_data that adds End-To-End-Encryption to all requests.

Table of Contents #

Features #

  • Implements a RemoteAdapter that encrypts all request data and decrypts all response data
    • Uses libsodium with the sodium package under the hood
    • Data is encrypted with unique keys for each repository that are automatically rotated every 30 days
    • Uses Authenticated symmetric encryption to prevent modification of data
  • All encryption is based on a single master key that is unique per user
  • Also providers methods to use sodium for encrypting the local hive boxes

Installation #

Simply add flutter_data_sodium to your pubspec.yaml and run dart pub get (or flutter pub get). You should also add flutter_data to your dependencies. If you are build a flutter app, you should add sodium_libs as well, or sodium for plain dart applications.

Usage #

Since this is only an extension to flutter_data, you should refer to flutter_data quick start guide.

After finishing that guide, you can start with encryption by following the next steps.

First, you need to create your own key manager. The easiest way is to use the PassphraseBasedKeyManager together with the ParallelMasterKeyComputation mixin to get a smooth user experience.

import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart' as ff;
import 'package:sodium_libs/sodium_libs.dart';

class MyKeyManager extends PassphraseBasedKeyManager
    with ParallelMasterKeyComputation {
  MyKeyManager(Sodium sodium) : super(sodium: sodium);

  CreateSodiumFn get sodiumFactory => SodiumInit.init;

  Future<R> compute<Q, R>(ComputeCallback<Q, R> callback, Q message) =>
        debugLabel: '$MyKeyManager.compute',

  FutureOr<MasterKeyComponents> loadMasterKeyComponents(int saltBytes) {
    final password = await letUserInputPassword();
    final salt = await generateSaltForUser(saltBytes);
    return MasterKeyComponents(
      password: password,
      salt: salt

The letUserInputPassword and generateSaltForUser methods are dummy methods. Here you will have to implement your own logic to get both, a passphrase of the user and some kind of salt that is unique for the user (but must never change).

To now add the encryption, you need to let your ApplicationAdapter be a mixin on the SodiumRemoteAdapter. The following sample assumes you are build a flutter app and have already add the sodium_libs package as dependency.

import 'package:sodium_libs/sodium_libs.dart';

mixin ApplicationAdapter<T extends DataModel<T>> on SodiumRemoteAdapter<T> {
  String get baseUrl => 'https://my-json-server.typicode.com/flutterdata/demo/';

  late final Sodium sodium;

  late final keyManager = KeyManager(sodium);

  Future<void> onInitialized() async {
    await super.onInitialized();
    sodium = await SodiumInit.init();

And thats it! With that, all your data will get encrypted. The data can also be synced between different devices, as long as they all use the same master key (in this example: The same passphrase and salt).

Documentation #

The documentation is available at https://pub.dev/documentation/flutter_data_sodium/latest/. A full example can be found at https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_data_sodium/example.

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An extension package to flutter_data that adds End-To-End-Encryption to all requests

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