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discontinuedreplaced by: flutter_dash

A Flutter project for draw dashes

flutter_dash #

A small library to draw dashed line in flutter. This package is null-safety version of flutter_dash.

Install #

Just add flutter_dash as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Usage #

Here are some example:

import 'package:flutter_dash/flutter_dash.dart';

  direction: Axis.horizontal,
  length: 132,
  dashLength: 12,
  dashColor: Colors.red)

Parameter #

Param Default Desc
direction Axis.horizontal Direction of line
length 200 Length of line
dashLength 6 Length of dash
dashThickness 1 Thickness of dash
dashColor Colors.black Line color
dashBorderRadius 0 Border of dash
dashGap 3 Distance between 2 dash


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