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A next-generation Flutter-Native hybrid solution. FlutterBoost is a Flutter plugin which enables hybrid integration of Flutter for your existing native apps with minimum efforts.

1.17.1 #

Supported Flutter sdk 1.17.1

1.12.13+2 #

Fixed bugs

1.12.13 #

Supported Flutter sdk 1.12.13

1.9.1+2 #

Rename the version number and start supporting androidx by default, Based on the flutter 1.9.1 - hotfixs。 fixed bugs

0.1.66 #

Fixed bugs

0.1.64 #

Fixed bugs

0.1.63 #

android: Fixed bugs

iOS: no change

0.1.61 #

android: Fixed bugs

iOS: no change

0.1.60 #

A better implementation to support Flutter v1.9.1+hotfixes

Change the content android:

  1. based on the v1.9.1+hotfixes branch of flutter
  2. Solve major bugs, such as page parameter passing
  3. Support platformview
  4. Support androidx branch :feature/flutter_1.9_androidx_upgrade
  5. Resolve memory leaks
  6. Rewrite part of the code
  7. API changes
  8. Improved demo and added many demo cases


1.based on the v1.9.1+hotfixes branch of flutter 2.bugfixed

0.1.5 #

The main changes are as following:

  1. The new version do the page jump (URL route) based on the inherited FlutterViewController or Activity. The jump procedure will create new instance of FlutterView, while the old version just reuse the underlying FlutterView
  2. Avoiding keeping and reusing the FlutterView, there is no screenshot and complex attach&detach logical any more. As a result, memory is saved and black or white-screen issue occured in old version all are solved.
  3. This version also solved the app life cycle observation issue, we recommend you to use ContainerLifeCycle observer to listen the app enter background or foreground notification instead of WidgetBinding.
  4. We did some code refactoring, the main logic became more straightforward.

0.0.1 #

  • TODO: Describe initial release.

API changes #

From the point of API changes, we did some refactoring as following:

iOS API changes

  1. FlutterBoostPlugin's startFlutterWithPlatform function change its parameter from FlutterViewController to Engine

Before change

- (void)startFlutterWithPlatform:(id<FLBPlatform>)platform onStart:(void (^)(FlutterViewController *))callback;

After change

- (void)startFlutterWithPlatform:(id<FLB2Platform>)platform
                         onStart:(void (^)(id<FlutterBinaryMessenger,
                                           FlutterPluginRegistry> engine))callback;

  1. FLBPlatform protocol removed flutterCanPop、accessibilityEnable and added entryForDart Before change:
@protocol FLBPlatform <NSObject>
//Whether to enable accessibility support. Default value is Yes.
- (BOOL)accessibilityEnable;
// flutter模块是否还可以pop
- (void)flutterCanPop:(BOOL)canpop;
- (void)openPage:(NSString *)name
          params:(NSDictionary *)params
      completion:(void (^)(BOOL finished))completion;
- (void)closePage:(NSString *)uid
           params:(NSDictionary *)params
       completion:(void (^)(BOOL finished))completion;

After change:

@protocol FLB2Platform <NSObject>
- (NSString *)entryForDart;
- (void)open:(NSString *)url
   urlParams:(NSDictionary *)urlParams
        exts:(NSDictionary *)exts
      completion:(void (^)(BOOL finished))completion;
- (void)close:(NSString *)uid
       result:(NSDictionary *)result
         exts:(NSDictionary *)exts
   completion:(void (^)(BOOL finished))completion;

Android API changes

Android mainly changed the IPlatform interface and its implementation. It removed following APIs:

Activity getMainActivity();
boolean startActivity(Context context,String url,int requestCode);
Map getSettings();

And added following APIs:

void registerPlugins(PluginRegistry registry) 方法
void openContainer(Context context,String url,Map<String,Object> urlParams,int requestCode,Map<String,Object> exts);
void closeContainer(IContainerRecord record, Map<String,Object> result, Map<String,Object> exts);
IFlutterEngineProvider engineProvider();
int whenEngineStart();
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A next-generation Flutter-Native hybrid solution. FlutterBoost is a Flutter plugin which enables hybrid integration of Flutter for your existing native apps with minimum efforts.

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