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Image based printing for bluetooth thermal printer, support for iOS and Android.

flutter_bluetooth_printer #

A flutter plugin for print a receipt over bluetooth thermal printer.

Getting Started #

Depend on it:

    flutter_bluetooth_printer: any

Make your receipt

  ReceiptController? controller;

  Widget build(BuildContext context){
    return Receipt(
        /// You can build your receipt widget that will be printed to the device
        /// Note that, this feature is in experimental, you should make sure your widgets will be fit on every device.
        builder: (context) => Column(
            children: [
                Text('Hello World'),
        onInitialized: (controller) {
            this.controller = controller;

Select a device and print:

    Future<void> print() async {
        final device = await FlutterBluetoothPrinter.selectDevice(context);
        if (device != null){
            /// do print
            controller?.print(address: device.address);

Custom Device Selector #

You can make your own device selector using FlutterBluetoothPrinter.discovery stream to discover available devices.

  Widget build(BuilderContext context){
    return StreamBuilder<List<BluetoothDevice>>(
        stream: FlutterBluetoothPrinter.discovery,
        builder: (context, snapshot){

            final list = snapshot.data ?? <BluetoothDevice>[];
            return ListView.builder(
                itemCount: list.length,
                itemBuilder: (context, index){
                    final device = list.elementAt(index);
                    return ListTile(
                        title: Text(device.name ?? 'No Name'),
                        subtitle: Text(device.address),
                        onTap: (){
                            // do anything
                                address: device.address,
                                image: // some image

You can print a PDF or an Image that contains your receipt design. For a PDF file, you can use any package that convert your PDF to an image. Then you can print it using command below:


Note that, we are currently using package image.

You still able to send an ESC/POS Command using command below:


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