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A flutter plugin for executing dart code continously even application closed.

flutter_background_service #

A flutter plugin for execute dart code in background.

Android #

  • No additional setting is required.
  • To change notification icon, just add drawable icon with name ic_bg_service_small.

iOS #

  • Enable background_fetch capability in xcode (optional), if you wish ios to execute IosConfiguration.onBackground callback.

  • For iOS 13 (using BGTaskScheduler), insert lines below into your ios/Runner/Info.plist


Usage #

  • Call FlutterBackgroundService.configure to configure handler that will be executed by the Service.
  • Call FlutterBackgroundService.start to start the Service if autoStart is not enabled.
  • Since the Service using Isolates, You won't be able to share reference between UI and Service. You can communicate between UI and Service using invoke() and on(String method).

Migration #

  • sendData() renamed to invoke(String method)
  • onDataReceived() renamed to on(String method)
  • Now you have to use ServiceInstance object inside onStart method instead of creating a new FlutterBackgroundService object. See the example project.
  • Only use FlutterBackgroundService class in UI Isolate and ServiceInstance in background isolate.


Why the service not started automatically? #

Some android device manufacturers have a custom android os for example MIUI from Xiaomi. You have to deal with that policy.

Service killed by system and not respawn? #

Try to disable battery optimization for your app.

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