flutter_app_icon_badge 1.0.1
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Flutter Android iOS Linux macOS Windows

Flutter app icon badge plugin

Flutter App Icon Badge plugin #

This Flutter plugin you can use to change the badge of the app

Supported platforms #

  • iOS
  • Android - some Android devices (the official API does not support the feature, even on Oreo)
  • MacOs
  • Windows - work in progress (need help)
  • Linux - work in progress (need help)

Getting Started #

iOS #

On iOS, the notification permission is required to update the badge. It is automatically asked when the badge is added or removed.

Please also add the following to your Info.plist:


Android #

On Android, no official API exists to show a badge in the launcher. But some devices (Samsung, HTC...) support the feature. Thanks to the Shortcut Badger library, ~ 16 launchers are supported.

Dart #

First, you just have to import the package in your dart files with:

import 'package:flutter_app_icon_badge/flutter_app_icon_badge.dart';

Then you can add a badge:


Remove a badge:


Or just check if the device supports this feature with:


Another useful method in this plugin - detect if flutter desktop window in focus or not: