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FHIRPath navigation and extraction language implemented in pure Dart to be used with base FHIR packages.

fhir_path #

[0.5.0-16] #

  • Update fhir version

[0.5.0-15] #

  • Added some comments

[0.5.0-14] #

  • Update fhir version
  • Accepted Tilo's PR

[0.5.0-13] #

  • Update fhir version

[0.5.0-12] #

  • Update fhir version

[0.5.0-11] #

  • Updated dependencies

[0.5.0-10] #

  • Added Calendar/Duration Quantities
  • Added basic DateTime arithmetic

[0.5.0-9] #

  • More robust error-handling

    • Define two exception types to indicate errors in the expression and errors at evaluation time.
    • Added check for non-existent variables
    • Added check for undefined functions
    • Added check for running substring on a non-string
  • Support for hasValue()

  • Support for answers()

  • Support for not()

  • Fix: identifier matching could return arbitrary results

  • Better UI

    • Monospace font
    • Choose output format: JSON or YAML
    • Copy results to clipboard
  • Updated dependencies

[0.5.0-8] #

  • Fix: Add ability to escape " characters
  • Fix: Add error handling, which directly displays the issue if a FHIRPath is unable to be parsed
  • Note that smart quotes such as and behave differently on iOS (PWA) than they do the following platforms: iOS (native), Android (native/pwa), and desktop web formats (including PC, Chromebook, iOS). This has not been tested on native Linux, iOS, or Windows yet. Specifically, including either or in your FHIRPath may cause the iOS PWA to inadvertenly include that text into its logic, potentially resulting in a Stack Overflow error.
  • I believe the above errors are caused by the Quantity Lexer. I'm removing it temporarily until I can more formally test Quantities (and add in the proper implementations of Quantities parsers)

[0.5.0-7] #

  • Updated to Dart 2.14.0

[0.5.0-6] #

  • Easier ability to create simple server for testing
  • Iif now included (previously included too, but now removed from the Readme ToDo list)

[0.5.0-5] #

  • Fine, all polymorphic items work
  • Added full list of polymorphic prefixes (current list for R4)

[0.5.0-4] #

  • For polymorphic items, it was allowing searches with only parts of identifiers, now fixed, so only works with "value" polymorphic items

[0.5.0-3] #

  • Refactored how I managed 'where' & 'exists'
  • Now allows 'contains' on list.length > 1 (this is contrary to the official spec)
  • Removed passing 'where' to any functions. Now handles it within the 'where' and 'exists' functions themselves, instead of requiring other functions to handle it

[0.5.0-2] #

  • Update from Tilo to allow polymorphisms
  • Updated to allow Unary '+' and '-' operators

[0.5.0-1] #

  • first version of package, but numbered to be in sync with other packages
  • Needs a lot of readme updates
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FHIRPath navigation and extraction language implemented in pure Dart to be used with base FHIR packages.

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