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Media picker based on Instagram's UI design.

fast_media_picker #

Media picker based on Instagram's UI design.


Getting started #

Before using fast_media_picker, photo_manager and permission_handler need to be configured.

You can (should) also check the Example for correct setup details.

Setup photo_manager #

Please read this section.

Setup permission_handler #

Please read this section.

Usage #

Example usage;

List<AssetEntity>? result = await FastMediaPicker.pick(
    configs: FastMediaPickerConfigs(
        type: RequestType.image,
        pickLimit: 1,
        crossAxisCount: 4,

Getting the first File from AssetEntity;

if (result == null || result.isEmpty) return;
File? image = await result.first.file;

Customize UI #

The body while fast_media_picker asking for permission.

configs: FastMediaPickerConfigs(
    // This, also can be your Widget.
    permissionRequestWidget: DefaultPermissionRequestBody(
        // Title with big font.
        titleText: '',
        // Messages shows as a icon-text pair.
        messages: [
            PermissionRequestMessages(icon, 'message'),
        // Button to request permission.
        allowActionText: '',
        // Button to go to Settings.
        goToSettingsActionText: '',